Magical Holistic Therapies

Beauty Treatments, Healing Therapies, Professional Make Up, Spiritual Guidance & Magical Tutoring, Rituals & Apprenticeships, Tarot & Oracle Readings, Circles for Maidens, Mothers & Crones…..


A range of Wiccid Wiccan Workshops, Rituals and Circles both in person & online for women and girls of all ages


A balanced mind is integral to your total wellbeing and one of the keys to a balanced mind is positive thoughts and beliefs.


Our beautiful pampering treats are essential to maintaining wellbeing and balance of Mind, Body & Soul, inside and out.

Living in tune with your rhythms

Awareness around your own personal cycles for health and wellbeing…
What are your own personal rhythms? Are you in tune with the moon? Do you live seasonally as best you can?

So does healing really work?

Does healing really work? Read my story of how I realised today that all my healing work has paid off with huge dividends.

How do you know when you are Transforming?

How do you know if you are Transforming?

Is Witchcraft Evil?

Witches and witchcraft being the epitome of evil and linked with the devil is a myth…

Be a Pleasure Seeker

As part of a holistic approach we must nurture our body, mind and soul to keep….

Keeping your Circle Positive

Keeping Your Circle Positive By Wiccid   Who do you keep within your Sacred Circle? Your circle is made up of the people you surround yourself with in your life and can include your family, your friends, work colleagues or people you associate with through...

5 Self Healing techniques that work

5 Self Healing techniques that work Greetings to you beautiful lady, I would like to share with you that I have had a really difficult year. Its been full of ups and downs, it's been challenging, emotional and not at all what I thought it was going to be. I share this...

5 Ways to create more time in your day

5 Ways to create more time in your day by Wiccid Greetings to you beautiful soul, Something I am hearing all over the place at the moment and most especially with my clients, is that people don't have time - Time for self care, time for fun, time with family and...

5 ways to turn around a shit day.

 We all have them...Shit days. And sometimes it's really hard to move beyond starting a day off on the wrong foot and not letting whatever has upset or troubled us ruin the whole day. Here's a few tips that have worked for me on how to turnaround a shit day and be...

Sparkle & Shine

Becoming aware of your health and holistic well being will have you Sparkle & Shine…

Bella has created an extremely comprehensive course which gives a very good understanding of working with magical energies to enhance your life. She even puts together beautiful magical boxes to purchase containing the tools for each Workbook should you need them.


Student of Wiccid Academy

What an amazing lady would recommend her for everyone. She has helped me mind body and spirit. I have grown so much and learnt so much from this amazingly talented lady while obtaining healing for my body.


Massage & Healing Client

“Bella from Wiccid showed the utmost care and attention to detail when doing our make-up for my wedding. Thank you for the amazing job you did! Don’t know what I would’ve done without you!!!!!”

Erin Hannon

Wedding Makeup

I was nervous about attending Circle, however I had the most awesome night. There was laughter, sharing & genuinely nice ladies from all walks of life. Since my first Circle I’ve attended several others & I’ve always felt relaxed & welcome by all. 


Goddess Circle Sister

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