5 Nutrition Tips that help me shine

Greetings to you!

When we look after our selves on the inside – our eyes sparkle, our hair shines and our skin glows meaning that you look naturally beautiful all the time (hurrah!).

One of the best ways to achieve good health on the inside – that reflects on the outside – is through nutrition. Below I share my 5 best nutrition tips that make me shine.

  • I eat whole unprocessed foods – no packets or jars in my cupboard!
  • I minimize my sugar intake – I even make my own stocks, sauces etc so I can control how much sugar I eat
  • I eat full fat foods – low fat food contains nasty chemicals and often high amounts of sugar to give the product taste
  • I eat loads & loads of fruits and vegetables- in salads, juices, steamed, baked, boiled. I love them!
  • I drink lots of water. I don’t drink soft drink (ok maybe a can of creaming soda once or twice a year) and other then water I only drink herbal tea, barley greens and the occasional red wine.

Keeping it simple and fresh is the way to go for good inner health along with plenty of rest, good sleep and regular activity.

If you would like some more help or info about nutrition you might also like to check out ‘Nutrition Info & Tips’ on the blog.

398102_330576483717696_2097393891_nHears to our health and glowing from the inside out!

Bella x


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