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Welcome to Wiccid Academy of Witchcraft


I’m Bella – High Priestess, Teacher and Guide…

Welcome to Wiccid Academy of Witchcraft – An online Coven and sacred space where you’re invited to learn or reconnect with the ways of magick.

Upon joining the Coven as a SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE you are given 1 year and 1 day (minimum) to complete the courses and spells contained within.

As a Seeker you will learn the essential foundations of Witchcraft along with rituals that will teach you how to weave magick throughout your daily life.

See below for full Seeker Curriculum.

Upon completion of all Seeker study elements including written submissions for each course and spell, you will be invited to initiate as a PRIESTESS/PRIEST OF THE COVEN.

You will be given another 1 year and 1 day (minimum) to complete the rituals and spells contained within this level of learning. Here you will delve deeper with rituals that require your higher level of skill and knowledge. Not only do you weave magick throughout your every day life – magick has become a part of who you are.

See below for the full Priestess/Priest Curriculum.

Upon completion of your Priestess/Priest Training you will be invited to Initiate as a Life time Member becoming a WICCID ACADEMY OF WITCHCRAFT COVEN WISE ONE.

You now have access to all Academy resources receiving any new content/courses as they are created and added to the curriculum.

When you become a fully Initiated Coven Wise One your monthly fees cease and you pay only a small yearly fee to ensure your continued commitment and participation.  

The Academy has been created to help you find your magick, enhance what you already know and ultimately guide you to greater empowerment whether you are a beginner witchling. dabble here and there or have been following this path for many years.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you’ve been practicing for many years, all new Members enter the Coven as a SEEKER – just as everyone does for my in person Coven. This gives you an opportunity to understand the philosophies of this Coven and how it works + all material within this Academy is original so you will learn something new with each ritual course and spell. This better serves your personal and magickal evolution giving you more power to make your craft your own.


The Curriculum


Ritual Courses:

Apprenticeship in Witchcraft:

Includes our Witchlings, Enchanter, Alchemist & Sorcery Courses (only available within the Apprenticeship). To begin, you will learn (or retouch on) the foundations of magick and over the course of 12 lessons we explore each element in more depth – this is a very comprehensive course including much knowledge, spells, practical magick activities (like making incense), energy work, meditations and more.

I am Divine:

A 7 day devotional journey: Ritual     Daily Devotional Tasks      Self Care     Wholistic Witchcraft

Harmonious Home:

A 10 day ritual journey bringing peace, love and harmony to your home and sacred spaces


An 11 day free flow ritual journey designed to help you find your inner peace






Rainy day magick

Other Resources:

Kitchen Witch Herb chart Printable

Candle Colour Chart Printable

Recorded Meditations



Ritual Courses:

Wild Woman/Man: 

A 13 day ritual helping you reconnect with your wild, reawaken your creativity, connect with your sensuality, awaken your intuition, balance your light and dark and rediscover pleasure

Insight Shadow Journey: 

A 2 week ritual journey: Gain insight, Reveal what needs to be healed, Uncover personal truths, Release and banish what no longer serves you, Regain control of your life and become empowered


A 21 day transformational journey designed to guide you back to your personal power. Cleanse your body, cleanse your mind, cleanse your life


A free flow ritual designed to change your mindset from lack to abundance, bring in more positive and abundant experiences, let go of old limiting beliefs, release blocks to prosperity, step closer to achieving your goals, attract more money and success into your life

Becoming Lilith:

A 30 day deep dive ritual inviting you to explore your shadows and light. This ritual guides you to reclaiming your power and reigniting your magick – it sparks huge personal and magickal shifts.

Magick     Ritual     Connection     Honouring     Wholistic Witchcraft


Banish bad luck


Home protection

Honour your Ancestors

Divine Feminine/Masculine 

Other Resources:

Downloadable meditations 



Ritual Courses:

All ritual courses from all levels + any new courses created while you remain an active member 


All spells from all levels + any new spells created while you remain an active member

Other Resources:

All resources from all levels + any new resources created while you remain an active member 

Membership Options

  1. SEEKER Monthly Membership: $55.00 per month
  2. SEEKER Full Year & 1 day Payment: $599.00
  3. PRIESTESS/PRIEST Monthly Membership: $65.00 per month
  4. PRIESTESS/PRIEST: 1 Full Year & 1 day Payment: $699.00
  5. WICCID WISE ONE: Lifetime Yearly Fee: $99.00 per year

Your Membership Includes:

  • All Course material for each level 
  • All Spells for each level
  • All Resources for each level
  • Downloadable meditations
  • A copy of my book ‘Wholistic Witchcraft – Magick for the Mind, Body & Soul for all new SEEKERS (Ebook Only)
  • Facebook Group
  • Full Online Email Support 
  • Downloadable/Printable PDF’s
  • Monthly Online Coven Meetings
  • Video Tutorials (more added all the time)
  • Opportunity to attend in person events (additional costs involved)
  • Opportunity for private mentoring (additional costs involved)

Seekers Monthly


$ 55 per month
  • Apprenticeship in Witchcraft
  • Peace Ritual
  • Harmonious Home Ritual
  • I am Divine Ritual
  • Love Spell
  • Money Spell
  • Success Spell
  • Healing Spell
  • Rainy Day Spell

Priestess/Priest Monthly


$ 65 per month
  • Wild Woman/ Wild Man Ritual
  • Becoming Lilith Ritual
  • Cleanse Ritual
  • Insight Shadow Journey Ritual
  • Prosperity Ritual
  • Banish bad luck spell
  • Binding Spell
  • Home Protection Spell
  • Honour Ancestors Spell
  • Divine Feminine/Masculine Spell

Wiccid Wise One Lifetime


$ 99 Per Year
  • All ritual Courses + any new courses created during your membership
  • All Spells + any new spells created during your membership
  • All additional resources + any new resources created during membership
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