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Academy Resources

Your Dedication Ritual:

It is recommended that you begin with this ritual before you even start your studies: Dedication Ritual for Wiccid Academy Final


Cleanse Ritual

Weekly menu & food planner

Insight Shadow Journey Ritual

Insight Shadow Journey Check in

Becoming Lilith Ritual

Your Wholistic Health Quiz


Kitchen Witch Herb Chart

Wiccid Academy Candle magic



Journey to the Underworld

Audio Player

Journey to the Faerie Realm

Audio Player

Journey to the temple of Lakshmi – Abundance

Audio Player

Conversation with your Higher Self

Audio Player


Audio Player

Path to Compassion

Audio Player

Journey to Peace

Audio Player


Audio Player

Journey through the chakras

Audio Player

Journey to your magick

Audio Player

Kitchen Witch Meditation

Audio Player

Centering Meditation

Audio Player


Companion Ritual Kits (available for purchase now from the shoppe)

Apprenticeship first quarter ritual kit

Harmonious Goddess (Harmonious Home)

Love Goddess (I am Divine)

Powerful Goddess (Becoming Lilith)

Prosperous Goddess (Prosperity)


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