Release   Regenerate   Reconnect


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Love yourself into Wholeness

Reconnect with your Divine Self

Honour your Body

Reconnect with your Truth

Walk your path with Power

Timing: Beginning on a Friday evening as this day is sacred to Aphrodite and therefore all acts of love, then upon rising each morning and before bed each night

Moon Phase: Waxing


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  • Journey to the Underworld for transformation meditation


If you have been feeling disconnected, unclear about who you are, unworthy, afraid, shy or unloveable – this ritual is for you. I created it after experiencing all of the feelings above and this beautiful journey has been enormously healing for me.

I hope you will join me and say yes to connecting with your Divinity and Magick – taking this time for self is a beautiful thing that has the potential to create positive ripple effects throughout your whole life.

Blessings to you, Bella xx

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