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Be a Pleasure Seeker

Join me in becoming a Pleasure Seeker and Achiever

As part of my holistic approach I often talk about things that nurture our body, mind and soul to keep our energy and happiness in flow. So in keeping with this theme I would like to introduce you to: The Art of pleasure seeking.

In today’s hectic society many people have forgotten what it feels like to experience pleasure. In some cases people have negative beliefs ingrained in them that block them from actually allowing pleasure in their lives.

So I should really say ‘the art of pleasure seeking – and achieving’ – because it’s not about constantly seeking pleasure and never being satisfied. It’s about finding what brings you pleasure and taking action to experience that feeling.

What do I mean by pleasure exactly? I mean putting aside a little bit (or a lot) of your time each day to indulge in things that make you feel happy, joyful, elated, vital, energetic, inspired, content, satisfied, excited, amused and worthy. Things that fill you with light. Things that bring peace and harmony to your spirit.

Eat from your best plates or drink from your best teacups, use your most expensive perfume whenever you like, luxuriate and nourish your skin with your favourite lotions, swim naked, run outdoors, listen to music that delights you, give yourself a pamper, put all your love into creating a meal then light some candles and eat it off your best china, make love, watch a comedy movie, dress up every day – even if you’re staying at home, read a book under a tree, have an afternoon nap, go on a scary ride, create something amazing, have a bath by candlelight, perform a beautiful ritual, play with an animal…..

The possibilities are endless and what brings one person pleasure may be different from another which is wonderful because we are all unique.

Allowing and indulging in pleasure are important to your overall wellbeing because pleasure raises your vibration (energy) and when your vibration is high you will achieve your best results in everything you do.

If you find it difficult to remember what brings you pleasure or to allow yourself to experience it – then you may wish to meditate on it and do some belief work to clear any blocks that are preventing you from enjoying pleasure.

You deserve to live a life that delights you – so it’s time to get busy doing what you need to do to achieve that.

Brightest blessings to you, Bella x

If you need some assistance to rediscover what brings you pleasure then you might like to come see me for a Free 30 minute soul session. During this session we have a chat about what your challenges are and discuss how I can help you to overcome and move through these challenges – allowing more of everything good into your life!

If you would like to take me up on a free 30 minute session to find out if you would like to work with me, please email me:



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