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Wiccid 5 Step Manicure

Wiccid 5 Step Manicure


There is nothing quite like a bit of self love and care to give you a lift and one thing that always does that for me is – Pretty new nails.

If you can’t get to your fav beauty professional or are in between beauty visits, then follow my 5 tips to give yourself a lovely manicure at home:

5 Tips for a Manicure at home

Step 1: Gently push back your cuticle’s to reveal more of your natural nail (will help manicure to last longer), lightly buff nails to take off shine and then shape your nails (round or square look for you?), remembering to file in one direction on either side as it will help you avoid those pesky side splits

Step 2: Apply a hand mask or scrub treatment to the whole hands using a nice circular motion and then rinse with warm water.

Step 3: Massage in a lovely body oil or moisturizing hand cream to your hands, paying special attention to any rough spots

Step 4: Remove oily residue from the nail bed with a cotton pad soaked in nail sanitizer or water and then apply base coat

Step 5: Using the 3 stroke rule (one down the middle & then one stroke on either side), apply 2 coats of your favorite color and finish with top coat.

Bonus Tips:

  • For a bit of bling, bling – apply one coat only of your color and press in some glitter with a brush, then finish with top coat.
  • You may also like to apply a cuticle treatment and enjoy a nice hand soak with some essential oil added to a bowl after step one
  • Regularly use a cuticle oil or hand & nail cream to keep skin soft and cuticles in good condition (helps avoid dry flaky cuticles. Massage it in daily


I hope you enjoy your 5 step Manicure at home but when you are ready for a real pampering treat – come and see me in my lovely and relaxing salon. You deserve it!

Bella xox

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