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The Enchanter Course includes Lessons 4,5 and 6 from our Academy of Witchcraft and Magic 12 Month Program and expands upon our Witchlings Course including The Solstices – A closer look, Magical Associations, A closer look at tools, How to cast circle, How to call in Guardians/Gods/Goddesses/Ancestors to assist your rituals, More types of magic, Magical Symbols, Crystal magic, God/Goddess Pantheons, Introduction to chakras, Ritual – intermediate, More practical activities, Suggested reading and meditations, Introduction to Divination, Adding to your Book of Shadows

As you journey through courses 2, 3, & 4 you will continue to broaden your knowledge about many elements of magic including moon phases, sabbats, altar set up, Gods/Goddesses, magical associations, magical recipes, rituals and types of magic. You will also be introduced to herbal magic, crystal magic, tool making, potions and more. Every month there are suggested monthly activities, reading and meditations to help keep your energy flowing.

On completion of each lesson you will gain access to the next one.


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