Harmonious Home – A Ritual by Wiccid

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Harmonious Home Ritual

Intentions: To bring harmony and peace to the home and it’s inhabitants; to cleanse; to change energy; to invite in more of what you want and banish what you don’t want; to clear entities; to cleanse and clear

Timing: Any but Dark Moon, New Moon or Waxing Moon are the most potent

Duration: 10 days


  • the ritual to read online or print
  • meditation
  • kitchen witch herb chart
  • option to purchase cleanse, protection and harmony
  • Fb group

Course Layout:

  • Introduction
  • Preparation
  • The Ritual
  • Maintenance

Companion Ritual Kit: 

Harmonious Goddess. Purchase here: https://wiccid.com.au/shop/wiccid-little-spells/


To begin please proceed to Introduction or to purchase go here:

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