Peace – A Ritual by Wiccid

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Welcome to Peace – A Ritual by Wiccid


Different from our other ritual courses, this beautiful journey doesn’t have a set time or required tasks – you take this course at your own pace in a way that flows for you.

Timing: Any

Intentions: Calm down, reduce overthinking, reduce stress, clear your mind to make calm decisions, bring balance, ground and centre, reduce anxiety


  • Online learning or printable PDF
  • Downloadable meditations
  • Facebook group for support
  • Live rounds of the ritual in the Facebook group
  • Optional mentoring sessions
  • Magickal products to aid your journey (optional)


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May peace flow through you like a gentle breeze once you have completed this ritual journey, love Bella x




Peace: The Ritual

Author: Belinda Payne

    This ritual is designed to be a peaceful journey and as such should be taken at your own pace with your own flow. The ritual is separated into…

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