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The Sorcery Course includes Lessons 10, 11 & 12 from our Academy of Witchcraft and Magic 12 Month Program and is the final course! In these lessons you will find a wealth of information including Toolmaking, More crystals, More herb magic, Altar setups for each month, Ritual design and practice, Practical activities, Gods/Goddess Pantheons, Meditations, More energy work, Suggested reading and More types of magic.

Upon completion of this course you will have attained Sorcerer level and will be an adept at designing and creating your own rituals and spells. Don’t think for a minute that your magical journey is over though! I have been studying witchcraft and magic for nearly 25 years and to this day I am always learning new things and know I will continue to do so forever! This course is merely a stepping stone on your magical journey that will hopefully set you up in good stead to keep studying and evolving.


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