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Insight Shadow Journey – A Ritual by Wiccid

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A 2 week ritual journey designed to:

Help you gain insight on your path forward

Reveal what needs to be healed

Uncover personal truths

Release and banish what no longer serves you

Help you regain control of your life and empower you

Each night from waning Moon to dark Moon, spend some time in the dark – reflecting and going within…..

This ritual is an intuitive journey that provides you with various tools to guide you and enhance your experience:

  • Healing
  • Meditation
  • Divination
  • Cleansing
  • Spellwork
  • Journaling

I have taken this journey several times myself and can tell you that while at times it is confronting and does require you to dig deep – the shifts and transformation I have experienced has been profound.

Do not fear the shadows for I am here beside you with a hand, an ear or a guiding light if you need it. Blessings, Bella xx

Not long ago I started the Shadow work course from Wiccid. The course was amazing as it allowed me to combine my love of witchcraft with my desire to go on my own personal shadow work journey. I loved this course and felt like a weight had been lifted at the end of it! I have also had a one on one consultation with Bella and left feeling supported and invigorated! Thank you for your healing work!

Carissa Jimenez

A word of caution before you purchase this course: This work is not to be taken lightly so I would recommend this course for experienced practitioners of ritual only. 

It is also crucially important that you do not undertake this course if you are currently experiencing anxiety, depression or other mental and emotional issues. You must understand that we are essentially going into the dark, shadowy recesses of your mind so if you are already there – your symptoms could intensify.

Please seek the advice of your counsellor or health care professional first if you are unsure.

Insight Shadow Journey

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Insight Shadow Journey

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