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The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

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A deep journey into the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine

The Divine Masculine is described as consciousness itself – the seed, the idea from which the Universe is born.
The Divine Feminine gives birth to the Universe, she is everything around us.

Universal Father, Universal Mother  – Together they are the catalyst for creation and awakening.

Timing: Any


  • To understand the Divine Feminine and Masculine within the self
  • To gain a deeper understanding of energy
  • To connect more deeply with the Divine Feminine & Masculine through our relationship with Goddess & God
  • To bring balance to our own Divine Feminine & Masculine
  • To nourish and improve our relationships
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In order to fully understand the whole self it’s important to understand the Divine Feminine & Masculine within ourselves – because we all hold these energies.
Understanding the Divine Feminine & Masculine can also help us connect with our partners in a deeper way, allowing each to love, support & hold the other in sacredness.
With this knowledge comes understanding and with that – integration. We can then choose to embody what we now know with the aim being Divine Union (balance) within. This then becomes Wisdom.
To know Oneself is to understand the Divine.
To know the Divine in all things is to understand energy.
And this is to know Magick.
Download a PDF of this ritual if you prefer a printed copy here: 

Blessed Be, Bella x

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