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Custom Crafted Rituals by Wiccid

Rituals by Wiccid are customised rituals crafted just for you and your individual needs.
Do you need more money? More love in your life? A new job? A new home? A more harmonious home? Protection for you and your family? Do you need to banish someone from your life? Or maybe you need to change a behaviour that is stopping you from moving forward?


I design the ritual for you and you perform it
Your ritual includes:
To be clear:
To be clear: These are rituals that you perform yourself but you are guided every step of the way so you can be confident in the magic you are creating.


I design the ritual and perform it for you or with you
Your ritual includes:
For these rituals I will either perform the ritual for you or do the ritual with you and in some cases will come to wherever you are (have magic, will travel!!).
Please be aware that there are only certain types of rituals available for this service and travel costs will be an additional charge.


This is due to several factors:

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