Wiccid Women Goddess Circle

8 times during the year sisters gather together to celebrate the Sabbats and honour the Divine

 The Sabbats are seasonal festivals that are spaced throughout the year according to the annual cycles of the Earths seasons – This is also known as the Wheel of the Year.


Imbolc August 9th 2019 

We now bid goodbye to the dark of winter and welcome in new light.
Please join me for a magical evening of connection, ritual and celebration.

– We will invoke Goddess Brigid in a ritual for inspiration
– We shall be creative and make something magical
– We shall sit around the fire and share what we wish to manifest or create over the coming months

You can grab your ticket for only $10 from the Wiccid Wares Shoppe.


I love to learn & I love sharing wisdom with like minded sisters so my Wiccid Women Goddess Circles are about coming together to connect, inspire each other, support each other on our paths (wherever we are all at on our journeys) and honour Goddess, God, Creator, The Universe, Mother Earth, The Guardians, Angels, Our Ancestors and The Divine Feminine.

During our circles we discuss a range of spiritual topics & often take part in readings, healings, rituals and feasts. These gatherings are always a beautiful, relaxing & connective event – to each other & to the Divine

WHEN: Each Sabbat – Check this page, the latest news tab or our page on Facebook for details: WiccidWomenGoddessCircle

WHERE: Buderim at Wiccid HQ – Address is Supplied upon rsvp

INVESTMENT: $10 (+ small fee) if booked via the ticketlink or $15 at the door

If you would like any more info please give me a call anytime on 0422 958 100


Love, Light and Blessings to you, Bella x

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