Guided Meditations

Wiccid offers beautiful guided meditations to help you gain peace, find clarity and heal.


I have created a series of 12 beautiful meditations that I use with my clients including these magical journeys:

  • Centering
  • Journey to the Faerie Realm
  • Shapeshifter
  • Journey to the underworld – Transformation
  • Journey to your magic
  • Journey to Lakshmi’s Temple – Abundance

Please note that these and the rest of the series will soon be available to purchase as recordings to use at home – watch this space!

I also use beautiful guided meditations from The Goddess Oracle that can bring you clarity, peace of mind, stronger connection to self and a more beautiful feeling of self love.

Just a few examples of some meditations I love:

  • Amaterasu – Goddess of Beauty – Meditation: Beauty Bath
  • Baba Yaga – Wild Women Goddess – Meditation: Retrieving your Wild Women
  • Coatlicue – Goddess of Grief –  Meditation: Drumming your Grief
  • Eostre – Goddess of Growth – Meditation: Growth
  • Hathor – Goddess of Pleasure – Meditation: The Pleasure Break
  • Kali – goddess of creation, preservation & destruction – Meditation: Meeting Your Fear

I have taken many clients on these mini journey’s with pretty amazing results – clarity, emotional releases and peace settling over them.

In person Guided meditations are priced at just $25 and we can connect in person at my gorgeous salon, over the phone or via skype.

Give me a call on 0422 958 100 or email for more info or to book.

Bella x

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