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5 tips to help you LOVE exercise

5 Tips to help you love exercise

by Wiccid


Exercise… it or hate it, it is something we all need to to do to maintain our health and well-being.

Exercise strengthens muscles, increases blood flow, promotes heart health, releases endorphin’s that promote a happy mind, increases metabolism and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

I love exercise and do an hour 5-6 days a week but for those of you who really struggle to love it as I do, here are a few tips to help you get started and develop affection for it!

5 Tips to help you love exercise

  1. First and foremost – schedule it in. When you know it’s coming it won’t feel like such a drag and it gives you less excuse to pull out of it
  2. If you don’t currently do any exercise at all I would encourage you to start off slow and build up so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Aim for 3 x 30 minute sessions a week and increase as you get into the habit and get fitter
  3. Choose activities that are enjoyable. If you start off with running and you really hate running you aren’t likely to stick with it are you? I love to walk, dance, kickbox, swim, pump weights and rollerskate. I mix my routine up all the time to keep myself interested and I introduce new things if I start to get a bit bored
  4. Grab a buddy to help keep you motivated. Working out with a friend makes it heaps more fun and keeps you accountable. Sometimes if I really don’t feel like it I will invite a friend to go for a walk on the beach or go to the park with my family for ball games. Adding the social aspect to it means I often don’t really even notice I am exercising but before I know it I have done a workout!
  5. Remember the big picture. You are building a stronger, leaner, fitter, healthier body and improving your mindset with all those lovely happy endorphins. You will also learn to understand the rhythms of your own body and will be more in tune with yourself.

Remember to frequently check in with yourself (like every day is best) and remind yourself of all the good you are doing your body. Every time you wake up the next day after a workout feeling a little sore , smile and congratulate yourself for loving your body and giving yourself the gift of a prolonged and healthier life.

I hope this article helps you and do let me know in the comments below if you have more tips to add of your own!

Blessings to you, Bella x


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