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Is Witchcraft Evil?

Witches and Witchcraft?

Witches and witchcraft being the epitome of evil and linked with the devil is a myth that has been perpetuated by the church for hundreds of years. But how much truth is there to it?

Well first of all you need to have an understanding of what a witch is and what witchcraft entails. A witch is basically someone who practices magic (witchcraft), and magic is essentially working with natural energies to bring about change. Practicing magic can take many forms such as making herbal medicines to heal, kitchen witchery (cooking with intention), communing with nature, honouring deities, raising energy, working with the cycles of nature and the moon, making talismans for protection or healing, working with magical tools such as a wand, working with crystals, creating sacred spaces, energetically protecting oneself and ones family or friends, energy healing and a million other things. Performing these acts of magic is usually done in a ritualistic way which can be as simple as going outside and connecting with the energies of nature, or a sacred ritual may be performed that will involve many steps.

The life of a witch is one that is in tune with ones surroundings – of the natural world, of the other world and of our own personal world (our family home or work for instance). As such, a lot of us are empaths and deeply feel what is going on all around us. It is for this reason that some of us are drawn to help and heal the people around us as well as the world on a larger scale – because really, we have a deep love and connection to nature and all living things and it is important to us to preserve them as best we can.

So in my daily life I am mindful – I recycle, I try not to waste anything, I do my best to take care of living things (even things that I don’t really love like spiders), I try to come from a place of love and compassion, I try not to judge others, I live in tune with what season we are in and pay attention to what cycle the moon is in, I listen to my own cycles, I help others whenever I can and I accept that we are each walking our own path – what works for me will be different to what works for another.

And that right there is the main thing that drew me to the craft from when I was a young child – we do not push our views onto others, we accept the path people choose for themselves (even when it doesn’t seem like a good one) and we are therefore free to live how we choose.

Having said that, it always delights me to show people the way….

Do you remember when you were a child and the world held so much magic and so many wonders? Digging our feet into the sand and splashing in the salt water made us feel alive, the colours of a beautiful butterfly could hold us captivated, the forest path held the promise of adventure, a brightly coloured leaf fallen on the ground was something to be put in a special book to keep as a momento, a baby animal was something to be held and treasured, trying a new food was a little scary but oftentimes a delightful new discovery….This really is magic at its core. We are all born magical beings who are naturally connected to energy, our own intuition and nature.

Over time so many of us lose that connection thanks to society, school, taking on the beliefs of others, the media, the church, being told to ‘tone it down’ or ‘don’t be silly’, being made to conform. And it is for this reason that when I re-branded my business last year and brought magic into it to become Wiccid Magical Holistic Therapies I was asked straight up on a few occasions – “but isn’t witchcraft evil?”

It was in those moments that I knew I had done the right thing and my response to this is as follows: Witchcraft itself is not evil, people are. It is what is in your heart that determines who you are as a person – not what you believe in. I am a wife, a devoted mother, a nature lover, a gourmet cook, a creatrix, a music lover, a loyal friend, a mad exercise nut, a wholefoods advocate, a teacher, a knowledge seeker, a wise women, a fashionista, a successful business women – and a witch.

I am not perfect but every day I strive to be a good person, I love with all my heart, I live life to the fullest, I boldly walk in my truth, I delight in the beauty all around us, I do what I can to heal the world and I incorporate a little magic in to every part of my life. Do I sound evil to you? You decide.

Love, Light and Blessings, Bella x

Reconnecting with my own magic is the single greatest thing I have ever done as it has helped me create this magical life. Every day I am talking to women in my studio who are seeking the same thing. Want to know how to bring the magic back into your life too? Email me to claim your Free 30 minute soul session and I will share how you too can walk this magical path, Bella x

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