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Keeping your Circle Positive

Keeping Your Circle Positive

By Wiccid


Who do you keep within your Sacred Circle?

Your circle is made up of the people you surround yourself with in your life and can include your family, your friends, work colleagues or people you associate with through personal activities or your business.

The Universe is asking us all to step it up in our lives in a big way as we move through this new age and it is integral that we are supported by people that encourage us in all of our endevours. Why? Because energy is infectious. Hang out with negative nelly’s and feel your own positivity and energy slowly drain away. This can make you feel unmotivated, sad and tired OR – Hang out with positive people and your own energy continues to buzz at a higher frequency which brings with it inspiration, happiness, creativity and motivation.

The people around you not only affect your personal energy but also can influence how you deal with daily situations or special events like Christmas for example. Your clarity, decision making and stress levels are all greatly improved when you have people around you that are loving, encouraging and supportive.

So who is in your Circle?

Have a good think about who is in your Circle. Think about your family, your friends group, your work colleagues or clients, people you hang out with during your sporting activities, in your meditation group or your regular business networking events.

Are they all upbeat, generally happy, positive, uplifting people? Are they motivated? Are they following their dreams? Do they go after what they want? Do they take steps in their lives to make positive changes when they need to?

If not, how do the people who do not embody these characteristics (such as moody, cranky, whingy, angry, stuck, pessimistic people) make you feel when you are around them? Do they make you feel heavy? Bored? Sad? Cranky? Drained?

If you have people in your life who make you feel any of the above, ask yourself how hanging out with them is serving you. Is it for your highest good? Can you continue to move forward positively in your life without them holding you back?

For some of you this will be hard. Maybe you instantly can think of someone just like what I have described above – someone who really drags you down. But you can’t imagine letting them go, specially if it’s a long time friend or a family member.

Obviously with family it can be tricky but you may be able to spend less time with them if you can’t or don’t want to exclude them from your life. By putting in a little distance you have the opportunity to inspire them with your positivity when you do meet because you will be feeling lighter and happier.

With friends, I can tell you that I have been down this road myself and have indeed eliminated a few people from my life that did not have my best interests at heart. Some were friends for over 10 years so it was really hard, but I knew it was time to let them go when I noticed a pattern of feeling like I wasn’t good enough after each time I hung out with them and I would always leave feeling ‘less’.

Work colleugues can be tricky too but there are steps you can take to make your workplace more positive: If you sit at a desk next to someone yucky, ask if it’s a possibility for you to be moved; Surround your desk with a ring of salt for protection (I used to work in a corporate office and yes I did do this all the time); Keep a black crystal on your desk pointing toward where any negtivity is coming from to purify your space, cleanse it in running water regularly; Be courteous & polite always to anyone at your workplace you find it hard to get along with, rise above the negativity & it will change the energy. 

If you struggle with the idea of this but know it’s something you need to do, you can begin slowly with distancing yourself just a little and see how you feel when you are not with or around these people. You must remind yourself that what you are doing is an act of self love, you are doing what is best for you because you are ready to move forward in your life and be a happier person. In so doing you may also inspire those around you to take a look at their lives and begin to make the positive changes they need to. If your friend/s notice your distance this can open a wonderful conversation about how you can collectively bring your relationship to a more positive space.

My best tip: Always surround yourself with a protective bubble of white light whenever you know you will have dealings with any of these people – Protect your energy always!

I was inspired to write this article through many conversations over the past few months with friends, family and clients about relationships of all kinds. Like me, so many people are actively making the neccasary changes in their lives to move into 2018 in a positive way and to do that, they are making their Circles strong.

Blessings, Bella x

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