Sorcerer Course Lesson 3

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Sorcerer Course Lesson 3 (12)

Greetings Apprentice!

Welcome to Lesson 12, the final lesson in your 12 month magical apprenticeship! This is exciting and also a little sad – I have so enjoyed this journey with you.

This month you will find information on the final 2 moon phases and planet Saturn, we learn about the crystal rutilated quartz, the herb parsley, palmistry and the Egyptian Pantheon. There is a new meditation, self-care ritual, potion, energy work and for your ritual I am asking you to create a healing ritual. The part of this lesson I am most excited about though is the interview I conducted with Melanie Leontine – A hereditary Dievturi, it truly is a fascinating craft.

I dearly hope you enjoy this lesson as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you,

Love, Light and Blessings to you, Bella x


How to get the most out of your lessons:

When you receive your lesson each month, I recommend you print and then skim through all the material to give you insight into what you will be doing for the month. Then gather the materials you will need and create a sacred study space for yourself that is quiet and private. I like to cleanse my space with a smudge stick or incense to clear any negative energies before I start.

It is up to you how you choose to study, some of you might like to tackle it all in one big hit and some might like to do a bit each day. There will be some tasks that will be required to be done daily but may only take a few minutes such as your morning ritual. Once you read through your material you will better understand how you will work through it.


A few other things to note:

♥  If you see this symbol it means there is an important point to note

♦ This symbol means you are asked a question that you will be required to ponder/explore/journal about


Some simple Terminology you may see throughout this course:

  • Athame: A magical black handled knife used in ritual
  • Boline: A magical white handled knife used in the preparation of magic ingredients such as herbs
  • Wand: A magical tool used to cast circle and direct energy
  • Book of Shadows: A sacred book to record all your magic information, rituals, recipes and more
  • Pentagram/Pentacle: A 5 pointed star representing Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. A symbol used to represent unity and protection
  • Guardians: Each direction has a Guardian that represents the qualities of that direction and who you can ask to attend your magic ritual for guidance and protection. (Please note: in the North the directions and representations are different)
  • Cast circle: To create a sacred space
  • Altar: A table/surface where you can place all of your magical tools/ingredients and use as your sacred space to perform ritual and magic
  • Deity: Divine being
  • Otherworld: Another realm in which dwell magical beings such as faeries, elves, sprites, goblins, nymphs, salamanders, pixies and so many more


Things to do for the month at a glance

  • Read through your lesson
  • Take note of any supplies you may need and make plans to attain them
  • Continue to perform your morning ritual (Lesson 1)
  • Set up your altar with this month’s Altar Set Up suggestion
  • Do your energy work
  • Perform your ritual
  • Do your meditation
  • Read your book
  • Perform the monthly practical activity
  • Add to your Book of Shadows
  • Carry out your self-care rituals
  • Journal the journal questions


Lesson 12.1

The Planets – Saturn/Saturday

Each planet rules a day of the week and you can use its associations – such as incense for example, to strengthen your magical workings.


Saturn is associated with the principles of limitation, boundaries, reality, restriction, practicality and structure and can act as the face of reality showing us the constraints of fate, time and space. As such, Saturn/Saturday is an ideal day to work on goal setting for long term projects as you can utilise this energy to transform challenges into opportunities – if you are willing to put in the work and be patient. Saturn is also associated with the Roman God Saturn who rules time, agriculture, generation, plenty, dissolution, wealth and liberation so you may wish to invoke him when performing magic related to any of these intentions.

Ruled by: Capricorn and Aquarius

Element: Earth and Water

Colour: Black, Blue or Grey

Metal: Pewter or Lead

Incense: Patchouli, Cypress, Myrrh

Crystals: Amethyst, Smokey quartz, Apache Tear, Onyx, Lodestone, Black Tourmaline, Brown Jasper, Jet, Fossils, Hematite, Obsidian, Lava, Sapphire

Trees: Yew, Holly, Blackthorn, Pine

Herbs & Oils: Comfrey, Wolfsbane, Foxglove, Myrrh, Patchouli, Bindweed, Horsetail, Moss, Aspen, Solomon ’s seal, Hemlock, Coltsfoot, Witch Hazel, Mandrake, Thyme

Body: Skin, Teeth, gall bladder, Spleen, Skeletal system

Animals: Goat and Crocodile

Perform Spells for:

  • Slow moving matters that need to be handled carefully
  • Communicating with spirits
  • Dealing with authority
  • Time
  • Banishing pain and illness
  • Anything to do with debt – financial, personal and karmic
  • Work and career
  • Helping your garden/crops to flourish
  • Concluding unfinished business
  • Bindings
  • Enhancing meditation
  • Instilling discipline and responsibility
  • Magical knowledge and sacred wisdom
  • Lifting depression and self-doubt
  • Slowing down your outgoings (financials)
  • Ending what you need to, to allow a new beginning
  • Finding lost things – even missing people and animals
  • Accepting what is when it cannot be changed
  • Boundaries – abiding by them and instilling them
  • Accepting your limitations
  • Easing pain, conflict or oppression
  • Psychic protection – attack and defence
  • Knowledge and wisdom
  • Building solid foundations
  • Overcoming bad habits
  • Collecting debts owed
  • Liberation


Lesson 12.2

Moon Magic Plan your rituals by the Moon

This month we look at the energetic influence of the last 2 Moons in the zodiac: Aquarius and Pisces

New Moon and Full Moon. You can check online as to when each sign is passing through the month or get yourself a Moon Diary.

The Zodiac & the Moon:

The new Moon – the Sun and Moon will be in the same sign

The full Moon – Cosmic powers are at their peak at this time

Blue Moon – A second full Moon in a month that occurs once a year

Moon in Aquarius

Energy around this Moon: Originality, Eccentricity, Enlightened ideas, Quirkiness, Loyalty, Intuition, Resourcefulness, Innovation, Restructuring, Independence & Individualism, Universal love, Erratic

Ruled By: Saturn or Uranus

Associated Element: Air

The Sun is in: Leo

Associated Sun Element: Fire

Metal: Lead

Colour Association: Violet purple, Yellow, Metallic silver & Gold, Green, Blue

Crystals: Blue lace Agate, Onyx, Amazonite, Turquoise, Topaz, Angelite, Sapphire, Moldavite

Plants & Herbs: Olives, Comfrey, Heartsease, Violet, Aspen, Rosemary, Pansy, Fennel, Cornflower, Valerian

Foods: Fish, Cayenne pepper, Wholegrain breads, Chicken, Lettuce, Garlic, Spinach, Radishes, Celery, Corn, Fruits, Nuts, Yoghurt, Natural Cheeses, Broccoli, Carrots, Ginger

Animals: Eagle, Dolphin, Otter, Peacock, Tropical Birds

Perform Rituals for:

  • Finding your individuality
  • Learning about the cosmos
  • Getting over addictions
  • Tapping into Universal love
  • Friendships
  • Healing for lower leg issues
  • Giving some oomph (energy) to developing new ideas
  • Restructuring
  • Looking at the world in a different way
  • Gathering people to your group or social cause
  • Moving forward with a project
  • Healing blood disorders
  • Gaining independence
  • Improving your leadership skills
  • Courage
  • Improving self-worth
  • Accomplishment
  • Loyalty
  • Political, Environmental or Social issues
  • Peace

Focus your Awareness on: Remaining connected, beware of disconnection

Remember: Practice your rituals in a private space to avoid interruption


Moon in Pisces

Energy around this Moon: Inspiration, Sensitivity, Creativity, Compassion, Divination, Clairvoyance, Universal peace, Hibernation, Visionary outlook, Devotion, Healing, Reflection

Associated Element: Water

The Sun is in: Virgo

Associated Sun Element: Earth

Metal: Tin

Colour Association: Violet purple, Turquoise, Crimson

Crystals: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Fluorite, Moonstone, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Jade, Sapphire, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli

Plants & Herbs: Carnation, Basil, Watercress, Parsley, Lemon Balm, Echinacea, Primrose, Sage, Heliotrope, Poppy, Waterlily, Borage

Foods: Lean meats, Wholegrain cereals, Eggs, Seaweed, Spinach, Oysters, Dates, Beans, Lettuce, Fruits, Barley, Steamed veggies, Oats

Animals: Fish, Wolf

Perform Rituals for:

  • Improving your imagination
  • Reconnecting with the Divine
  • People that have passed
  • Divination
  • Achieving astral projection
  • Creative pursuits
  • Healing for your feet and toes
  • Compassion – for yourself and others
  • Peace – for yourself, your friends & family, your community, the world, the universe
  • Help in seeing the bigger picture
  • Freedom
  • Karma
  • Improving your visualizing skills
  • Mysticism and Magic
  • Understanding your dreams and dreamwork
  • Analysing your meditations
  • Being of service using your magic – give healing for example
  • Psychic Development

Focus your Awareness on: Logical reasoning

Remember: Do not doubt yourself. All the power you need is within you.


Lesson 12.3

Gods & Goddesses

This month we shall learn about the Egyptian Pantheon

Egyptians lived to a strict code of morals and ethics that they were expected to follow in their everyday lives to maintain order. This code (called Maat) represented living and acting truthfully and honourably with one’s family, the community, the environment, the nation and the deities. It was believed that observing Maat in one’s public and ritual life helped maintain cosmic harmony. Pharaoh was seen as having divine power and acted as a go between for his people and the Gods. To maintain this cosmic harmony it was his duty to appease the Gods with offerings and rituals and to achieve this elaborate temples were built and huge money spent on rituals. People would also honour the deities in their own way with personal rituals and prayers offered.

Egyptians believed that nature is in itself a divine force and worshipped a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses (numbering in the thousands) that each represented various aspects of nature and were involved in human society. It is a complex belief system with many deities having multiple roles, some merging into each other and some having many different manifestations.

It is a fascinating subject that I would highly recommend studying further, for this lesson though I have chosen just a few of the more prominent and well known deities to learn about:





One of Anubis most important roles was that as one who ushered souls into the afterlife. He was an overseer of the weighing scale during the ‘weighing of the heart’ and was known as “The Guardian of the Scales” – during the weighing of the heart it was determined whether the soul was permitted to enter the underworld.

Also known as: Anpu (Greek interpretation), Anapa

Depicted As: In full animal form as a jackal, with black skin to symbolize rebirth and how the skin discolours after embalming, with the head of a dog and the body of a human. He was also often depicted in paintings holding the hand of one who had passed to guide them to Osiris after he took over as Lord of the Underworld.

Associations: Embalming, Lord of the Underworld before Osiris, Cemeteries, Protector of graves, Mummification

Symbols: The “Flail” – a tool used for harvesting; and the “Fetish” – a headless stuffed animal skin tied by the tail to a pole and inserted into a stand – present at funerals.

Consort: Anput

Myth: It is said that there are no myths about Anubis but I have uncovered a few that involve him:

Anubis protected the body of Osiris from Set. Set turned himself into a leopard in order to attack Osiris body and Anubis stopped him. He used a hot iron to brand Set’s skin and then removed it! He wore Set’s skin as a warning to others who would desecrate the tombs and graves of the dead. After this, priests would wear leopard skins to honour Anubis defeat over Set and it is said that this legend explains how leopards got their spots.

Anubis helped Isis to embalm Osiris and it is said that Osiris organs were given to Anubis as a gift. It is from this that Anubis became the patron God of embalmers.



Also known as: Wsjr (Egyptian), And interpreted by Egyptologists – Usir, Usire, Yasar, Aser, Ausar, Asaru, Ausir. Also known as the Lord of Love and the Lord of silence.

Depicted As: Often depicted with green skin and a pharaohs beard with mummy-like wrapped legs. He would be wearing a crown that had ostrich feathers on either side and carried a shepherds crook and flail (a wooden stick with another stick swinging from it – I’m thinking kind of like ninja chucks).

The green skin represented rebirth and sometimes he was depicted with black skin which it is thought represented the fertility of the Nile river.

Associations: God of life, death and rebirth – he was known as the judge of the dead, resurrection, the underworld, transition, regeneration and the cycles of nature.

Symbols: Atef crown, the crook and the flail, mummy bandages, ostrich feathers, fish, rivers

Consort: Isis

Myth: Osiris brother Set conspired with the queen of Ethiopia and 72 accomplices to murder Osiris. They fooled him into getting into a box which they then shut, sealed with lead and threw in to the Nile River. Osiris wife Isis went searching for him and finally found the box embedded in a tamarisk tree trunk which was holding up the roof of a palace, when she opened the box Osiris was already dead. Isis used a spell she had learned from her father to resurrect Osiris so she could become impregnated. Osiris then died again and Isis hid his body in the desert. One day Set discovered Osiris body and in a rage tore it into 14 pieces which he then scattered over the land. Isis was able to find all the pieces of his body except his penis (which had been eaten by fish) and bandage them back together for a proper burial. The Gods were so impressed by her devotion that they resurrected Osiris and made him God of the Underworld.



Thoth is credited with inventing the alphabet, writing and all works of science, magic, religion and philosophy as well as serving as mediator between good and evil.

Also known as: Djehuti, Tahuti, Tehuti, Jehuty, Jehuti, techu, Tetu (Greek: Thot, Thout)

Depicted As: A man with the head of an Ibis, A dog faced baboon, a Man, an Ibis, Wearing a headdress with a lunar disk sitting on top of a crescent moon, Wearing the United Crowns of Upper & Lower Egypt

Associations: God of Knowledge, Wisdom, the Alphabet, the Mind, Logic and Reason, Thought, Intelligence, Meditation, the Moon, Writing, Scribes, Hieroglyphs, Magic, Records, Measurement, Secrets

Symbols: The Moon, the Ibis, Baboon, Stylus, Papyrus scroll, Reed pens, Scales, Writing palette

Consort: Ma’at (wife), Seshat, Nehemtawy

Myth: In his role as mediator he has presided over 3 monumental battles of good and evil with one God representing order and the other representing chaos. If one God was badly injured Thoth would heal him to prevent the other from getting the advantage and throwing the natural order of things out of balance. The first battle was between Ra and Apep, the second was between Heru-Bekhutet and Set, the third between Horus and Set.

It is said that Thoth created the 365 day calendar. Originally the calendar year was 360 days and the Goddess Nut was sterile and unable to conceive during these days. Thoth won a bet with the Moon when he gambled for 1/72nd of its light which is equal to 5 days and it is during these 5 days that Nut gave birth to 4 children – Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys.





Isis was known to listen to the prayers of the wealthy, aristocrats and rulers but was also a friend to the downtrodden – slaves and sinners.

Also known as: Aset, Iset

Depicted As: She wears a long elegant dress and is crowned with a throne or the hieroglyph for throne. After she integrated some of the roles of Goddess Hathor her crown changed to cows horns with a solar disk in the middle of it. Sometimes she has a cows head or is just depicted as a cow. She is often seen with her child Horus at her breast. She is often pictured with an ankh, a vulture and a lotus staff.

Associations: Goddess of marriage, Children, Protector of the dead, Wisdom, Magic and Health. She was also known as the patroness of nature. The mother of Pharaoh.

Symbols: Sparrow, Cows horns with the sun disk, the Tyet – similar to the ankh except the arms point down. It represents “welfare” or “life” and is known as the “Knot of Isis”. The Cobra, the Ankh, the Sycamore tree, the Throne, the Kite and Vulture. The star Sopdet (a system of stars)

Consort: Osiris (also her brother)

Myth: There is the famous myth with Isis resurrecting Osiris (told above) but here is another interesting one:

Isis was sister to Nephthys. Nephthys was married to Set and he was denying her a child so she disguised herself as her twin Isis and seduced Osiris. She became impregnated and gave birth to Anubis. Terrified of the wrath of Set, Nephthys abandoned the baby and convinced Isis to adopt Anubis – which she did. Anubis then became Isis guard and ally.



Bast (cat headed Goddess) and Sekhmet (lion headed Goddess) together represented the two powerful aspects of the sun – the life giving aspect and the burning destroying aspect.

Also known as: Bastet, Ubaste, Baast, Baset, Ailuros (Greek), devouring lady.

Depicted As: A fierce lioness, A women with the head of a lioness or a cat. Statues of Bast were often made from alabaster and she would be depicted holding a sistrum in one hand and an aegis (resembling a collar) in the other.

Associations: The cat, The lion, Pleasure, Joy, Warrior Goddess, the Moon, The Goddess of perfumes, the Sistrum (musical instrument), Goddess of protection against disease and evil spirits. Health and Healing, Goddess of music and dance, Protector of the home and pregnant women.

Symbols: The lion, the Cat, Perfume jars, the Sistrum

Consort: Sometimes Anubis and sometimes Ptah.

Myth: It is said that Bast had 2 distinct sides to her personality. On the one hand she was gentle and fulfilled her duties as protector of the home and pregnant women, but on the other hand she was fierce and viscous in battles during which she would slaughter many victims. Bast was the daughter of God Ra and was often called the Eye of Ra. As a fierce protector she nearly destroyed mankind but was tricked into getting drunk with blood coloured beer and it put an end to her rampage.



Maat created order in the Universe and regulated the stars and seasons. She also managed the actions of humans and deities.

Also known as: Ma’at, Mayet

Depicted As: Depicted as a human women sometimes with an ostrich feather on her head and at times with wings on both her arms. She is also depicted holding an ankh (the symbol of life) in one hand and a sceptre in the other. Sometimes she was shown without a head with a feather in its place.

Associations: Goddess of Truth, Justice, Law, Order, Morality, Harmony and Balance. The weighing of the heart for souls who wish to enter the Underworld.

Symbols: The ostrich feather – worn in her hair. Scales.

Consort: Thoth

Myth: Maat and her feather of truth weighed the hearts of the souls that came to her underground Hall of Judgement to determine if they would be permitted to enter the afterlife. The heart would be placed on one side of her scales with the feather placed on the other. If the deceased had led a virtuous life the scales would balance and they were then invited to Aaru (heaven) to feast with other spirits and deities. If the heart was heavy and the scales tipped they would be sent to Duat (the underworld) to be devoured by Goddess Ahemait.


Lesson 12.4

Let’s take a closer look at the magical world of Diveturi

I wanted to do something special for your final lesson so I interviewed Melanija Leontine – A Hereditary witch of the Dievturi. She, her family history and her practices are absolutely fascinating – Enjoy!

Interview with the most magical Melanija Leontine

Bella      Hello, this is Bella and today I am sitting here with Melanija Leontine and we’re actually going to talk to her about her family pagan history and practices which is pretty exciting.

Bella       Is there a name for your practice?

Mel         Yes, it’s called Dievturi, it’s about 5000 years old, it’s from Latvia. Now a lot of people don’t know where Latvia is. It’s a very, very small country, it’s across the border from Sweden. It’s near Russia, it’s near Germany, hence why it’s been taken over by everyone. The Latvians are really peaceful. They just drink vodka and sing songs about beer and vodka and everyone takes them over and they just keep on singing. It’s true. And they’ve never actually gone to war with anyone; they’re just a really peaceful bunch of people. And the Dievturi are peaceful people for that reason.

Bella.      Oh beautiful. So when did you first discover that you were a hereditary witch?

Mel         Umm, my grandmother who is still alive today, is 106 years old, she’s the oldest living – we don’t really say witch in Latvia – we say Dievturi, which is more a bit Pagan, so you could say pagan. She’s 106 years old, still living today, I guess she would be classified as the oldest living witch. Umm, very healthy person, she’s also the world’s oldest living hemp farmer and as you know, we’re sitting in my hemp shop at the moment. So, yeah, she has got quite an interesting history, she’s got a connection with King, or my family history goes back to King Edward the Third. She made the hemp ropes for him and she has a connection with the Queen of England as well.

Bella       Wow!

Mel         Yes, so the family history I knew because I grew up as a, for want of a better term, as a witch. In Australia we say witch so as a child this is how I grew up.

Bella       It’s how you grew up? So it wasn’t like said to you one day, ‘Oh by the way, you know, you’re a witch, or this is what we do…,’

Mel         No, no.

Bella       …this is our practice.

Mel         We practice from the day I could walk. Yeah, from all of our birthdays we had rituals, we, we just practice, in fact there’s a bit of a funny story there, I wanted to rebel when I was a teenager, I wanted to become a Christian.

Bella       Oh, wow.

Mel         So I rebelled and turned to Christianity. I became a Born Again Christian. My dad, he was like, ‘whatever, we don’t care what you do.’

But that was like my form of rebelling, by becoming a Christian.

Bella       Wow. Okay that’s hilarious. And so how is the knowledge actually passed down?

Mel         It’s passed down through word of mouth. We have books, we have writings, but most of all we have symbolism. So when we talk about people have deities like God or Goddess, and you’ll have like Goddess of Fertility, and of the seasons and of the equinoxes, we have all that, but we have 3000 of them.

Bella       Right.

Mel         So how we know those 3000, I’m not going to claim I know all 3000 of them, I know about 20 of them.

Mel         All of them have a folk song, all of them have a symbol, a sacred geometry symbol, so my house is actually plastered with the symbols all around the walls, so this is how we know is through the folk songs and the symbols and that’s how we know it’s passed down. I didn’t learn all 3000. I only learnt of 20 but I was taught probably about a couple of hundred. Yeah.

Bella       Okay. So, next question. Is it only passed down through the female line or is it male and female?

Mel         No, both male and female, and like modern paganism, it is sort of segregated, in a good way. But the difference being is, you know the Sun, is the male, in modern paganism and the moon is the goddess. We’re the opposite. The manis, which is like the menza, which is like the period, is actually a God and he takes care of the fertility because he needs the woman to be fertile. So he takes care of the fields, the harvest, where the Goddess does this in modern paganism.

Mel         So our Saule – Is the Sun Goddess and she is the top of everything so you’ve got to remember that this is over 5000 years old probably, so they trace it to 5000 years, but it would be older than that. So in modern Christianity, you know God is the head, with us, the females are the head. The females are the Shamans not the males, so Shamanism actually came from Europe, a lot of people actually think it’s from South America. It’s not something I’m making up, it’s anyone can look it up and so the sweat lodges were only held by the females, and only the females could attend, and they were the Shamans, never the males.

Bella       Ah-ha. Interesting. Very interesting. So from that, have you and would you pass this knowledge on down to the children in your family?

Mel         Umm, well there’s not a lot of us around, in Latvians, in Australia, there’s probably like a couple of hundred. In the world, there’s like maybe 50,000, I don’t know there’s not a lot of us. It’s such a tiny country, you could drive across it in a day. So, having said that, my daughter has a good awareness of it, but it’s not something that I kind of force fed her.

Mel         But she has the information and she, I guess, just naturally follows quite a lot of it. Yeah. But my dad did teach me and I had to probe him and he was like, ‘Why do you want to know, Latvia’s a small country and no-one cares about them.’ I’m like, ‘Dad, this is my history.’

Bella       Yeah, this is your heritage.

Mel         And it’s really interesting, one of the oldest pagan faces in the world, of course I want to know it. So yes, yes I will pass it down but the kids aren’t, I wasn’t interested as a teenager, I wasn’t interested in my 20’s. I didn’t care about it. It’s something I believe they pick up more in their 30’s or 40’s.

Bella       Absolutely. I think we all do.

Mel         Yeah.

Bella       Like come back to our roots.

Mel         Yeah, yeah, you’re just partying when you’re younger, I was.

Bella       Same, 20’s.

So, we’ve touched on it, how big a part did the craft played in your daily life?

Mel         Umm, probably more than I realise. Now this is an interesting thing, talking about modern paganism, which you can see in my shop, I embrace, and the Goddess, the Moon Goddess and that, I just never felt that way. I just felt the Sun was the female, like even before I even knew, until I absorbed Dievturi, I always knew the Sun’s female, it’s bright, it’s happy, it makes things grow and reproduce and I, I always felt that, so it’s in my genetics or DNA, it was always in, it was always in my mind I guess.

Mel         Umm, but little things that, now this is really interesting, with Dievturi, women only get their hair done on the full moon. So my grandmother only gets her hair permed on a full moon because it takes better. So I just, my hairdresser  in Maleny, next town along, every time I book in for a hair appointment, I don’t do it on purpose, she always tell me, it’s a full moon again. I instinctively get my hair done on a full moon.

Bella       So your intuition, right from a young age has been showing you the way and telling you what to do, without you even knowing it.

Mel         Yeah. We practice psychability. The family will get together and we’d practice it. My dad was into, you know a lot of sort of modern witchcraft, I guess, Ouija boards, so I grew up with those sorts of things, no fear of it.

Mel        One of the traditions that we did every New Year, my grandfather did, now this is something I couldn’t pronounce, so I want to send you the spelling, mylybdomancy, it’s called.

Mel         Basically, it’s like scrying, so you get a pail of water and you pour hot lead into it….And it solidifies, That’s dangerous because lead’s dangerous, now you’d use wax. Then, you’d hold it up to a screen with a torch and read the shape. A bit like tea leaf reading.

Mel         So, we do that every New Year for everyone’s fortunes, for as long as I can remember. My grandmother would do a bit of tea leaf scrying, looking at the branches, seeing if the branches were showing a shape of this animal if this is happening. So it’s not like I was ‘Oh, wow, like I come from a pagan family’, it just is. It just is…

Mel         …it just is what we do and yeah, I guess, Steven my partner, something I didn’t even realise we were doing, I was round, when my grandmother turned 100, we’re sitting there and Steven says, ‘I realise what you guys do.’ And I’m like, ‘yeah we don’t say much, we’re pretty quiet.’

And he goes, ‘but she’ll tell you something through her mind and you’ll go ‘Oh ok Grandma you want me to go get some hot chips down the road’. Or I’ll say something to her and she’ll go, ‘Oh I’ll go get that flower for you’, and I didn’t realise until my 30’s or late 20’s until Steven pointed it out that we don’t actually speak, we just talk through the mind. So things like that I don’t even realise we did it. Yeah.

Bella       That’s awesome. Umm, so, again, we’ve sort of touched on this as well, a little bit of the history of this type of witchcraft, how much do you know about that?

Mel         I’m like to be honest, I fall away from it like we all do. Like this morning, I had to brush up on my Dievturi and because it’s all in Latvian and I don’t speak it fluently, I often have to message my father on Facebook and say, ‘Can you interpret this because I’m not understanding what they’re saying.

So, umm, there’s some interesting facts I guess, umm the Xmas tree and how you put the decorations on it. There’s a Museum of the Xmas Tree in America and the first Xmas Tree came from Latvia.

And they put pagan symbols, their symbology on it. And you know the Yule Log? People make the yule log cake, well the Yule Log again comes from Latvia and it’s acknowledged in America and the history of Xmas. And what they did is they pulled a log through the houses at Xmas because it was a cold dark time and that log would pick up all the demons of each house. So the men would drag it through all the neighbourhood houses and then they’d burn it.

And that’s what the Yule Log originally was.

Bella       Wow.

Mel         So that comes from there. The first mummified, like where they take the organs out and put them in jars, were found in Latvia before the Egyptians.

So they’ve got a really interesting history that a lot of people don’t realise.

Bella       That is really interesting. Wow. I love it.

Mel.        They have 2 interesting caves. The cave of the Angel and the cave of the Devil and it’s a very popular tourist spot.  So they have a lot of that sort of thing going on. I was actually named after Melanie or Melanija in Latvian, was actually after a Greek Goddess who came on board on the 24th of August and that’s when the Underworlds opened up and also Dievturi and they would come up through the Underworld.

Bella       Wow. Ok. Have you actually visited home, back to Latvia?

Mel         No. I’ve got a hemp property there that’s mine, and there’s lots of castles there that I want to see that my family are connected to the castles.

Bella       I feel like I want to go there with you. It’s so fascinating.

Mel         If it was like, I don’t know, as far as Sydney, I’d be living there, but it’s so far and I hate flying, but yeah I’ll go one day. I want to go there and then straight over to Avesbury and Glastonbury in England.

Bella       Yes, yes. I went to visit Stonehenge when I was in England.

Mel         I’d love to go there.

Bella       That was something that my soul was calling me to do. And that was amazing, so I can just imagine for you, when you do go home, and I’m calling it home, when you do go home, there will probably be a lot of moments where you’ll have, déjà vu or flashbacks or feel the connection. You’ll feel connections.

Mel         Yeah.

Bella       Like when I went to Stonehenge I felt this amazing connection and I knew that I had been there before, and it’ll be the same for you.

Mel         Yeah I think so. They have, they still do all their traditional rituals, they have certain clothing they wear and certain symbology on their clothing and like at the Samhain, or which we call our Samhain, it’s a different term there, the men jump over a fire and it’s still tradition there and they, it shows how young and strong they are the higher they can jump over the fire.

They do this thing where they get the pussywillow plant and they go round anyone named, it’s on Janis, it’s like John, it’s a very important religious day for them and they go and pussywillow anyone named John, they smash him to wake him up on the head, it’s like, it’s kind of done in fun. When they get married, it’s very spiritual, so the best man actually hides the bride in the village and it’s quite serious, if the groom doesn’t find the bride he can’t marry her. So he has to find her and then carry her over a bridge which I quite a spiritual symbolism which is going into his realm with her. So everything is full on spiritual there.

Bella       And everything is connected.

Mel         Yeah

Bella       Okay, so my next question was going to be about, in the practice or in the craft, is there an identification between white magic and black magic?

Mel         No

Bella       No? So magic is magic?

Mel         Yeah, as I said, Latvia is the sort of place that gets taken over by everyone. They just keep drinking Vodka and singing and dancing. Like they’re pretty happy, positive people and they kind of leave everything just to we would say karma, or fate.

Bella       Yes

Mel         So they know, actually a little bit like the ritual when they get married, if the husband doesn’t find the bride, well that’s fate that he’s not connected to her and shouldn’t have her.

So they leave everything to fate, so if someone’s been a bad person, like I’m sure in modern day, when a Latvian’s been pissed off, someone’s gone and shot someone, I’m sure that happens….

Bella       Of course

Mel         …but in tradition, it’s not like that, in tradition, it’s like we leave it up to the spirits to take care of what goes on. Because with 3000 or so that I spoke about, they have like the Dark Goddess of the Underworld and they have the Light Goddess, they have the different, the light and dark. So they just leave it to them and drink just keep drinking Vodka and singing songs.

Bella       So they won’t be going around casting curses and that sort of thing.

Mel         I’m sure that there are some that do, I’m sure that there are some.

Bella       But not to your knowledge?

Mel         But’s it’s not tradition, it’s not the correct thing to do. The Karma thing, again not their term, but the Karma thing’s pretty powerful. You’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, we can just sit back and watch this play out.

Bella       Yep, yep

Mel         It always plays out. And that’s the kind of people they are, but when they watch it play out, there’s the Vodka and another song for one of their deities.

Bella       (Laughs) I love it.

Mel         So we do grow up on vodka pretty young, we actually start having vodka about 4 years old, but not to drink, it’s only medicinal, although my grandfather drank lots of it because he loved it. My dad loves it, but my grandmother only ever drank it medicinal. So we’d have the tiniest bit in the bottom of a nip glass, but then even now if I say to my dad, ‘I’ve got an upset stomach, I ate something I shouldn’t have’, he’s like, ‘have a swig of Vodka, have a swig of Vodka.’ So it’s actually spiritual to them, Vodka’s very spiritual.

Bella       Do you still like Vodka?

Mel         Yeah, but it’s used medicinally. It’s actually a medicinal property to them. Cannabis is very medicinal. In their history, it’s a really important plant to them.

Bella       Which is why you have the hemp farm over there.

Mel         Yeah. And that’s why I have the hemp shop and a medicinal cannabis business, yeah. So it’s all interconnected, they’re very healthy because they lived on probiotic foods, sauerkraut, comes from Latvia and Germany, so they have good gut flora.

Bella       Yep.

Mel         They’re poor people for the most part. Latvians aren’t extravagant or rich, so they live on pork, things that they can breed easy, potatoes, they don’t waste anything, everything gets made into something or other. So they carve bone, they have bee hives, their bee hives are animal friendly too. Yes they eat meat but, their bee hives, you can’t harm the bees, so the traditional Latvian beehive actually goes on the side of the house. You don’t put the bees in it, they have to come naturally to it and only what drips off goes to the family for health and for rituals and things like that. You don’t take it out of the hive, it has to run off naturally.

Bella       I really love that the conversation has naturally gone into that because I actually call what I teach ‘holistic witchcraft’ because I have a deep belief that our energy needs to be in flow to perform our best magic and to be able to connect and tune in as best as we can. So I actually do address things like diet and movement and sunshine and sleep and all of those things to help us remain in flow. And they’re just doing that naturally.

Mel         Yeah. I guess it’s just passed down through the generations, and even with healing, my grandmother said when she was bitten by a snake and it was in the middle of winter and it was very cold, but her father buried her leg up to the waist and she had to stay in the ground all night.

And the soil drew the venom out because they didn’t really have a lot of doctors around to draw out the venom. And that’s how they would survive by burying the person, that part of the body into the soil for it to take the venom off them.

Bella       Wow. Wow.

Mel         And apparently it actually works, bushies do it too.

Bella       Okay

Mel         So they do that. As far as curses and witchy stuff. My dad was born and he had a tumour in his throat and they said he wouldn’t survive, there was a doctor and a little hospital, but they said there was nothing they could do and they got a witch in who wrote, he said, wrote on a piece of cardboard like from an exercise book, so I’m guessing they had exercise books in 1940 whatever when he was born. She wrote these words on it and she said to my grandmother you have to keep this around his neck and the tumour went.

Bella       Wow

Mel         Completely disappeared and the hospital was like, ‘How? How can that be?’

And I said to my dad, because he’s kept it most the years and he was trying to find it for me, ‘So what was written on it?’ and he said, ‘Ro, Rose words, Rose line, something about roses’ and then later on he says, Rosae Crucis’. So it’s interesting to find that the Rosae Crucis which I’m a member of and the Rosicrucian order, went into the Baltic faith as well like, that she combined that, to heal the tumour in my dad’s neck.

Bella       Wow! Wow!

Mel         So that was pretty interesting. I’m hoping that he’s still got that bit of cardboard

Bella       Wow. It’s all so interesting and I could sit here and talk about it all day long like I said to you the first day I met you.

Mel         Yeah

Bella       It’s so fascinating the whole thing. But, in conclusion, for our students, is there anything else you would like to share?

Mel         I guess that one thing I try and make people aware of is that and I do, I’m very much into neo paganism. You’ve seen the things, how I love learning about the Goddesses, I love the rituals of Samhain and all that sort of thing, but go and look at all else is going on around the world. Latvia might be piddly little country but there is some pretty interesting stuff. You don’t have to study Latvia but look at the Indians like the, umm, near Pakistan, they’ve got the gypsies there, people think that gypsies originally come from Romania, but they didn’t they come from India.

Bella       Exactly yes.

Mel         You’ve got to look outside the square, it’s very easy to be tunnelled of what’s trendy.

Which is Wicca. Nothing wrong with Wicca because I’m studying it myself, but there are so many other cultures and countries that you haven’t even heard of

And you find out all these interesting little things, like you said, the Romanian curses, Voodoo and all that sort of thing. So I just really want to say to people, don’t just look at what’s trendy, go and look at other things because you may resonate with parts of other things so, I don’t just stick with Dievturi, I’m still pretty green with it and there’s so much to learn, umm I incorporate a bit of this, a bit of Wicca, a bit of Pagan. I’ve studied Golden Dawn Necromancy a bit of that. God forgive me because I do believe in there’s Gods as well, but I’ve studied with the Church of Satan and there’s some things I took from that. There’s some good things that I took from that.

Yeah, their 10 Commandments are the best in the world

Bella       Yeah, they are the best

Mel         So I just use theirs. So if anyone says, ‘What Commandments do you use?’ I’m like, ‘The Church of Satan.’ If you do go to my house I do have a statue from the Church of Satan. I do have stuff from The Church of Satan, I do have some things to honour them. I have the Koran in my house, I read the Koran, I studied the Koran for 3 years, I lived in a Buddhist temple for 3 years, I studied Jainism, I went to Uni and studied Christianity, Theology, so I’ve gone and studied these things. Gone and taken a bit from that, taken a bit from the Jehovah Witnesses, so a lot of people will also be Anti-Christian, and I’m the first to bag them on Facebook, I’ll admit it, but I’ve taken quite a lot from Christianity and I do actually read bible passages every single day because they relate to other forms of paganism that I’ve learnt.

Bella       Yeah. I love that actually, one of the other articles I’ve written for the students was about eclectic witchcraft.

Mel         Yep.

Bella       And that’s what I’ve said and that’s my main message to my students from me from the get go is that you have to make the craft your own.

Mel         People think you either have to be Christian or Wiccan or Buddhist or Islamic or, you can actually, but it’s only humans who segregate it

Bella       Exactly

Mel         We can take it all in

Bella       Yeah, yeah, totally agree with you. And a really beautiful way to end the interview, I love that we’ve got a lot of the same ideals about a lot of things.

So thank you very much Melanija.

Mel         Thank you very much.

Bella       It’s been an absolute pleasure talking with you today.

Mel         Thank you.


Lesson 12.5

Magical Tools:  Broom/Besom

Remember that in this quarter we combine your magical tool and your practical activity so you will be making your own tool – Exciting!

I just love my brooms. I have one I’ve had for so many years that I can’t remember where I even got it from and others that I have constructed myself. Other than looking very cool in your magical space, they have a most magical purpose – cleansing your area. I use mine regularly to ritualistically ‘sweep’ away negative energies when preparing my space for ritual.

Some common uses: Use to cleanse your sacred space. Sweep negative energies away after you have smudged. To protect your home. To ward off evil spirits.

To make your own:

There are several methods of making your broom but here I have kept it simple. I have included 2 pictures above of both a simple and more elaborate broom. You can choose whatever style you wish because as always, you must make your tools (just like your magical journey) your own.


  • A stick you have collected from the ground (free – fallen). Consider the type of wood you are going to use – what trees are native to your area and what are your chosen trees magical powers?
  • Natural twine
  • Brush, grasses or twigs – I actually use brush fencing I got from my local hardware store. It has wire through it to keep it in place so you can cut it to size and then remove the wire once you have secured it to your handle.
  • Hot glue gun (optional – you can keep it natural if you wish)
  • Decorations such as crystals, ribbons, charms etc (optional)

To construct:

  • You may or may not wish to remove any bark from your stick/handle and rub it back to smooth. Some people even varnish theirs.
  • Gather your brush/twigs into a neat even pile or cut your brush fencing to the desired length
  • Place your stick in the centre of the twigs and make sure the twigs are evenly surrounding it
  • Tie the twine very tightly approximately 5 cms from the top of the twigs (closet to handle) and then you might like to tie around them again about 5 cms lower then this. I would wrap the twine around several times before securing with glue
  • Trim the bristles if you would like to
  • Now decorate as you please. Consider what colours, crystals or charms you could use to empower the broom
  • You may also like to burn some magical symbols into the handle.

On completion of your broom you will need to empower it. Have your broom by your altar and then cast a simple circle. Hold your broom and visualize what you will use it for. Consecrate it as you would any magical tool (refer to lesson 4). You may also like to create a special blessing for it as you consecrate it.

 Here are a few examples of Besom’s I and some of my workshop students have created:




Lesson 12.6

Crystal Magic – Rutilated Quartz (Also known as Angel Hair or Venus Hair stone)

* Image from

Attributes: Is a type of quartz with a needle like rutile in it that can be red, gold, silver, black or green (rare). As this magical stone holds a perfect balance of cosmic light it is said that it can light up your soul and lift your spirit. It is a powerful cleanser and purifier, unifying and transformative, it helps to integrate energy and raises your vibration. It is also said to bring mental focus, increases your self-reliance and aids you with the decision-making process. It can also help attract love and stabilise relationships. It is a natural amplifier of everything so is excellent for setting intentions, opening your awareness, manifesting and creativity. Also helps you to identify your desires.

Psychological healing: Rutilated quartz helps you reach the root of a problem and clear the way for transformation and growth. Also helps to clear negative thoughts and thinking. Eases depression, calms dark moods. alleviates anxiety, fear and phobias as it lifts you and helps you think more positively.  Helps you to see other possibilities or directions and opens you to other viewpoints. As it helps with mental clarity and concentration it is useful in assisting you to follow through with your plans and goals.

Physical healing: Use to relieve exhaustion and fatigue. When your energy is low and sluggish it will get the energy moving in your meridians. Use to relieve infertility and impotence, for respiratory and bronchial conditions, to repel parasites, to stimulate and balance the thyroid and to improve posture. Good for food disorders and absorbing the nutrients from food. This stone will also encourage regeneration of cells and repair torn tissues. It can absorb mercury poisoning from the nerves, blood, intestinal tract and muscles. Useful as a diagnostic tool – it can help you discover the cause of an ailment.

Emotional healing: Assists in letting go of the past as it heals old emotional hurts. It will lesson feelings of self-loathing and allow forgiveness on all levels. Helps you banish guilt so you can be happy. If you have been on an emotional rollercoaster it will help stabilize you as it clarifies your thoughts and allows you to see the truth of your emotions and how you react to them.

If you are a therapist you can use rutilated quartz to draw negative energy away from your client while also supporting their energy during emotional release. Especially if you are doing shadow work.

Spiritual Healing: It draws off negative energy and help you remove any blockages to your spiritual growth facilitating awakening. It cleanses, energises and opens the aura to allow healing. As it enhances your intuition, use this stone when astral travelling, channelling, using telepathy or scrying for a more powerful and connective experience. As it is an amplifier for your thoughts it can help you contact the Divine and receive Divine inspiration.

Protects against psychic attack and helps you to decipher the vibes you get from people – good and bad. Meditating with this stone allows you to go deep and aids you in contacting your highest spiritual guidance. Also useful with dreamwork.

This stone is helpful in past life healing work as it can draw off disease from the past and bring insight into events that are affecting the here and now. It can help you find the core life that is responsible for current issues so you can understand how your previous actions are affecting you now.

Chakra Healing: Rutilated Quartz works with all the chakras cleansing and recharging them while bringing slow chakras back to normal spin and balance. Place pieces on the heart and crown chakras to enhance crystal healing work, place on the third eye to enhance your intuition and place on the solar plexus to increase energy.

How to use it: Place it on the thyroid for healing or the heart to heal the thymus. Sweep it over your aura to draw off negativity and place near the ears for balance during crystal healing. For Earth healing you can place a piece where there has been trauma for healing or use to protect against electromagnetic smog. Make into healing wands to use as powerful aids to metaphysical healing for yourself or others. Sit with it and allow its energy and light to simply infuse you.

Where to get it: Easily obtainable. Get it online or from a crystal shop.


Lesson 12.7

Divination Palmistry

Also known as Chiromancy or Palm Reading, palmistry is the art of foretelling the future through the study of the palm. People who perform this style of divination are known as palm readers, palmists, chirologists, hand analysts or hand readers. Around for thousands of years, there is evidence to suggest that palmistry has been practised in India, Sumeria, China, Tibet, England, Ancient Israel, Persia, Babylonia, Egypt and Greece. As with a lot of magical practices, it was outlawed by the catholic church during medieval times as it was “pagan superstition” and was considered one of the seven “forbidden arts” along with necromancy, aeromancy, geomancy, hydromancy, pyromancy and spatulamancy. It experienced a revival in modern times with a publication in 1839 called La Chirognomie by Captain Casimir Stanislas D’Arpentigny. Following on from that The Chirological Society of Great Britain was established in 1889 and the American Chirological Society was established in 1897.

What to look for:

Palm reading is used to identify the character of a person or to foretell their future. Lines, shape of the hand, bumps, skin patterns and texture are studied and can give clues according to their characteristics such as size, qualities and intersections. Some palmists will also interpret the fingers, fingernails and fingerprints.

The writing hand or the hand that is used the most is known as the dominant hand and is linked to the conscious mind and will show what you have managed to do with the life path the divine set for you. This means you will be able to tell how you have altered your own path by the choices you have made. The other hand (your non-dominant hand) represents the subconscious mind and will tell the fate you were born with. Some palmists will use the non-dominant hand to also discover a person’s family history, past lives and karmic patterns. There are 3 main schools of palmistry: Indian, Chinese or the most popular – Greek, which is linked to Greek Mythology with each palm and each finger linked to a God or Goddess with the characteristics of each area giving the reader an insight into the clients relationship to the correspondences of that deity Eg: The first (index) finger is the Finger or Mount of Jupiter and relates to beauty, love and your artistic side.

It is important that when learning you choose only 1 school so you can understand the evolution and deeper meanings behind the style. Below we shall follow the Greek method.



Shape of the hand: This is the first thing that is noted in the reading and is defined as an element:

If you have an Earth hand: You will have broad square fingers and your palms will be rough

If you have an Air hand: You will have long fingers with a square palm and dry skin

If you have a Water hand: You will have a short oval hand with long, flexible conical fingers

If you have Fire hand: You will have square palms with red or flushed skin


Lines on the palm: Following the lines of the palm can give insight into personality traits of your subject or possibly divine their future.

Heart line:

  • If your heart line is straight: You have a selfish personality
  • If your heart line curves and ends below the index finger: You have an artistic and adventurous personality
  • If your heart line curves up and ends between the index and middle finger: You have a caring and understanding personality

Life line:

  • If your life line curves completely around the thumb: You are in good physical and mental health
  • If your life line is forked downwards: You are a pessimist and an introvert
  • If your life line is forked upwards: You have a positive attitude towards life

Head line:

  • If there is no head line present or it is broken: You will be an expert in a certain field or have various interests
  • If the head line curves downwards: You have a sensitive personality and you have an interest in literature and fantasy
  • If the head line curves upwards towards the little finger: You are a logical person with a natural ability in maths and business

Fate line:

  • If there is a fork in your fate line: You have the potential for enormous wealth
  • If the fate line is straight across and unbroken: A successful life is in store
  • If there is no fate line present: You can look forward to a comfortable but fairly uneventful life


Mounts of the Palm: These are the mounts of skin below each of your fingers (where you most often get calluses) and it is these that can foretell the future. The mounts are named after Greek gods and Goddesses and describe the attributes of each that you can relate to your subject.

  • Mount of Mercury: Position – base of the little finger: Business skills, humour and versatility
  • Mount of Apollo: Position – base of ring finger: Energy, creativity & compassion
  • Mount of Saturn: Position – base of middle finger: Practicality, patience and hard work
  • Mount of Jupiter: Position – base of index finger: Perception of the world, ego and accomplishments
  • Mount of Venus: Position – below the thumb: Beauty, love and an artistic nature
  • Mount of the Moon: Position – the lower part of the thumb towards the end, just below the thumb: Creativity, passion and modesty


See below for a handy chart so you can get started learning to read palms right away:

* Image created by Stone and Violet


Lesson 12.8

Herb Magic – Parsley

Parsley is a member of the carrot family and is native to the Mediterranean.

Also known as: Etroselinium  Crispum, Garden parsley, Graine de persil, Devils oatmeal, Perejil, Persil, Persil odorant

Element: Air

Planetary Association: Mercury

Gods/Goddesses: God Mercury, Persephone, Venus, Aphrodite

Gender: Male

Which part/s you use: The whole plant

Magical Powers: Communication with spirits, Increases strength and vitality, Prevents drunkenness, Heals issues with the kidneys and is good for healing swelling & puffiness

Use it for: Herbal sachets, Ritual baths, Kitchen Witchery – cooking and magical recipes, Potions, Incense, Healing – poultices, infusions, teas, ointments

Magical Workings:

  • Use sprigs to decorate your altar when invoking the associated Gods/Goddesses for your magical workings
  • Use in fertility spells
  • Make an incense containing parsley to communicate with spirits
  • Use to increase your psychic powers (in an incense or tea)
  • Use in rituals to increase passion and induce lust
  • Spells for good luck
  • Use in protection rituals
  • Use in cleansing and purification rites
  • Spells to promote happiness
  • Use in funeral rites
  • Spells to promote good health and vitality
  • For divination


Lesson 12.9

Potions and Brews

Potion to develop your psychic powers

Mix this potion on a new Moon

You will need:

  • A base oil such as almond, coconut or grapeseed – 8th of a cup
  • 3 drops camphor essential oil
  • 3 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 3 drops magnolia essential oil
  • 3 drops mugwort essential oil
  • Small glass bottle to store – sterilise first

To prepare your potion:

  • Mix all ingredients together in the bottle chanting as you mix the intention of the oil
  • Leave on your altar to brew for at least a full day (24 hours)

To use:

Anoint your third eye (on your brow just above your eyebrows in the middle) when you wish to enhance your psychic powers. Would be good for divination and when you are trying to contact those that have passed.


Lesson 12.10

Your Altar set up for this month:

By now you will have a very good idea of how to set up your altar so for this month I will just ask you to consider the following: What season are you in? Is there a Sabbat happening now or soon? What phase is the moon in? Are you working on a specific ritual right now? Have you got new tools that you need to consecrate?

Decorate your altar with whatever is relevant right now for you. Use colours, crystals, altar cloths, tools or candles.


Lesson 12.11

Your energy work for this month: Tuning into nature and the elements

Get outside, meditate and tune in. Feel the energy of each. Can you see elementals?

As you will know by now, magic is energy and energy exists all around us, it is within all things. We draw energy from the earth and from the cosmos to give power to our rituals and we utilise the energy all around us to move through our everyday lives. By now you will have learned how to make the most of your own energy, how to utilise the energy of cycles to your best advantage and how to raise energy for yourself and your ritual work.

Now we explore the energy of nature and the elements. Everything in nature is energy and you need only step outside your door to tap into this powerful well. When my energy is low or I am feeling a bit blue the first thing I crave is nature, in particular the forest or water (or both). Going for a walk in the forest or by the beach restores me. It lifts my spirits and my energy levels, it also cleanses me.

So for this month (and forever from now on) I encourage you to spend some time in nature. Wander, explore, sit, meditate, journal, tune in. First of all connect with the plants and animals around you. Can you feel their energy? What does it feel like? Can you actually connect with that energy and draw some of it to you? If you are near water, tune into that energy. How does it feel – is it flowing slowly and gracefully or rushing and powerful?

Take some time also to tune into the elements. How is each element present in your surroundings and what does the energy of the element feel like? When I go to the beach for example, I feel the power and the presence of all the elements – fire the sun, water the ocean, air the wind and earth the sand under my feet. How can you effectively use the energy of the elements to raise your own vibration or add power to your spells? What does each element represent and what are its associations (water for cleansing for example). Really connect with each one, get to know it and work with it to create the best possible outcome for your magical workings.

Also keep an eye and ear out for the elementals of the land, the magical creatures and beings that are all around us all the time – especially in nature. Faeries, gnomes, unicorns, dragons, sprites…How can you connect with these beings and their energies? How can they aid you in your magical work? If you don’t see or hear them already, start by leaving them offerings, having conversations and asking questions (be sure to be quiet so you can hear the answers) or meditating on them. If you are able to connect and form a kind of relationship they can be powerful allies and guides.

Task: Spend a minimum of 10 minutes outside every day connecting and aim at least once a week to spend at least an hour outside doing magical work.

♦ Journal all your findings, ponderings and experiences


Lesson 12.12

Your Ritual for this month – Create your own

Ritual for Healing

For this ritual I am going to encourage you to create a healing ritual not only for your own healing – but also for healing someone else. This is a fresh challenge for you – using your magic to help others. If you do perform a healing ritual for another, remember to ask permission first.

When designing your ritual for this month you will need to consider the following: (It would be a good idea to journal your notes/ideas in your moon book – magical journal)

  • What sort of healing ritual do you want to perform? What is your intention and what is your desired outcome?
  • What phase is the moon in and what phase would be best for your spell?
  • What day should you do your ritual? Days have their own power Eg: Thursday’s are best for money spells
  • What time of the day is best for your spell?
  • What tools and supplies will you need – Candles, herbs, charms?
  • What can you use to add more power to your spell like colours or crystals?
  • Are you going to invoke specific Gods or Goddesses to aid your ritual?
  • Will you need to design an incantation to empower your spell? What words will give it more power or define your intention?


Once you have designed your ritual and gathered the tools/supplies you will need you are all ready to go!


The Ritual:

  • Prepare your sacred space and your altar by cleansing with sage and making sure you have your altar set up correctly (Refer to Lesson 1)
  • Gather together the tools you will need for your ritual and place the around or on your altar
  • Cleanse yourself with either sage smoke or shower cleanse with sea salt mixed with water to a paste and scrub yourself, rinse
  • Cast circle (refer to lesson 3)
  • Perform your ritual
  • Thank the guardians and Goddess and God for attending your rite
  • Close circle in the usual way
♦ Journal your experience


Lesson 12.13

Meditation – Conversation with your Higher Self

As this is the last lesson of your magical apprenticeship you may be wondering where to next? Our journeys are never-ending but we may not always be clear on which way to head. This meditation may help.

Sit or lie somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed and place a cushion under your knees for comfort if you wish.

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths – breathe in for a count of 5 and out for a count of 5. Allow your breath to return to normal and now do a quick scan of your body from head to toe and release any tension or pain until you feel utterly relaxed.

Now in your mind’s eye open your eyes and find yourself standing on a dirt track. You look around and discover that to your left is a huge pine forest that goes for as far as the eye can see, and to your right there are mountains that stretch up into the sky. The path is heading towards the mountains and you begin to walk it now.

The path is nice, smooth and flat so it is an easy walk and you are able to take in everything around you. You can feel the earth under your feet, the sun is shining on your face, the breeze blows around you gently and you can smell water that must be from a nearby stream or waterfall. You walk along enjoying all these sensations and after a time you begin to notice rocks lining the pathway on either side. The rocks become larger and larger until they are boulders and soon they become the base of a huge mountain. At this time the dirt path begins to climb a little and the path becomes a bit rougher. Winding around and in between the rocks you walk, the path gradually becoming steeper. Up and up you go, beginning to pant gently.

The path blends into the rock now and is getting quite steep. You are panting a little heavier now and you need to start using your hands to balance and help you climb. Up and up you continue to go, climbing higher and higher until you feel the air noticeably cool.

The path is no longer visible now and you have to find your own way – climbing and pulling yourself upwards and upwards. You breathing is heavy and laboured and you are experiencing difficulty – but you must keep going. You must reach the top!

At the point where you think you may not be able to go on you pull yourself up over a rise and see that you have finally reached the top of the mountain. It flattens out over a large area so that you can safely stand and see in every direction. The view is unbelievable. You have climbed so high you are above the clouds but they are wispy so you can see mountains, rivers, lakes and forests for as far as the eye can see.

You have now regained your breath and your composure so you are able to take notice of the mountain top itself and it is at this point that you notice someone is sitting cross legged right in the centre of it. You walk over and ask if you may sit for a time also. The person nods and you sit opposite them at which point they lift their head and you see that it is you – or more precisely – you recognise that this is your higher self.

You take a moment to look deeply into your own eyes and ask if you may ask a question. You higher self nods yes and you ask:

“What is the next step on my magical journey?”

Your higher self speaks to you now. This may be a clue, a vision or advice on how to find it yourself. You may even be lucky enough to find a clear answer.

Listen carefully to the message you receive.

Thank your higher self and embrace. Your higher self tells you that you can journey back on the other side of the mountain this time and points the way. You step onto a clear pathway and begin your descent. This track is a lot easier to navigate and you easily walk down the mountain in a gentle zig zag. As you walk you begin to understand the importance of the difficult climb up. It was to teach you how far you have come and how powerful you have become.

Eventually you reach the bottom and wind your way around the base of the mountain until you reach the dirt path where you started. You walk along for a while this time with the mountains on your left and the pine forest on your right.

You feel so energized and clear in your mind. You now know exactly what you need to do next. You reach the point where you started and you now take 3 deep nourishing breaths. On the third breath you come back into your body, back into this time.

Now open your eyes, welcome back!


Lesson 12.14

Self-Care Rituals – Holistic Witchcraft

Taking care of your own wellbeing is essential to keeping your energy in flow. Being in flow helps to make sure that you can give your study, rituals and spells 100%.

Staying in FlowSome tips to maintain

Keeping our energy in flow is an important factor if we want to give our magic 100%. I am not for a minute saying that we need to be perfect every minute of the day! Life happens and there may be times when you want to let your wild run free and have a few drinks, stay up late or eat shit food. What I am saying is that I strongly discourage you from performing any magic or energy work when you are wasted, overtired or sick. It’s perfectly ok (and a good idea) to raise your vibration if you are tired or unwell, just do it gently and be mindful (see lesson 2: raising your vibration).

So for our last lesson, I will do a recap and give you a few tips to help keep your energy balanced and in flow:

  • Get enough sleep: The hours required are different for different people, some are good on 5 hours sleep and others need 8. Make sure you get what your body requires so you can heal and regenerate.
  • Eat good food: Food is energy. Fuel your body with the best food you can.
  • Move your body: Exercise helps you regulate your energy, keeps you healthy and releases all sorts of lovely positive endorphins.
  • Drink lots of water: Hydration is important for health and brain function.
  • Spend as much time as you can in nature: It heals, calms, inspires and revitalizes you.
  • Surround yourself with positive, uplifting and supportive people: Stay away from energy thieves and people that drag you down.
  • Work with Cycles: Your own and the cycles of nature to utilize energies as best you can.
  • Do things that make you happy: Keeping your spirit uplifted raises your energy.
  • Keep your language positive: Don’t allow negative thoughts and self-doubt sway you from your path and drag your energy down.
  • Continue evolving: Keep learning, keep healing yourself, keep seeking new adventures, keep practicing your magic.
  • Manage your stress: Do your best to keep your life as simple and stress free as possible.


Bonus Magical Bits


Your reading suggestion for this month:

The Lost Lands by Lucy Cavendish. This book is about the Lemuria, Avalon and Atlantis. I recently did a couple of full day workshops with Lucy learning about these magical places and she is a wealth of information. Fascinating.


Your Book of Shadows:

For this month:

  • Add The Planets and The Moon Phase info
  • Add the information about Gods & Goddesses
  • Add info about Parsley
  • Add your potion recipe
  • Add the crystal info
  • Add info on palmistry
  • Add info about how to make your broom
  • Add Ritual


Well there you have it apprentices. Our journey for the moment has come to an end. I truly hope you have learned a lot of wisdom and have evolved on your magical path. This journey has been a most magical one for me and I appreciate you more then I can say for being a part of this experience.

There will be more rituals, lessons and teachings coming from me so please do stay connected. I would love to continue this journey of magic and growth together.

If you ever have any questions or you would just like to reach out and say hello, you can email me anytime: or post in our Facebook group.

Love, Light & Blessings to you, Bella x




* Disclaimer:

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure an individual’s safety throughout this program – All recipes, meditations, magical workings and rituals are suggestions only and should only be undertaken under your own discretion and responsibility. Belinda Payne & Wiccid do not take any responsibility whatsoever for any adverse reactions to any of the items listed above whether physical or mental. If you are unsure as to whether you are fit to undertake any of the above listed items – please seek the advice of a health care professional.

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