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I am Divine – A 7 Day Devotional

I am Divine

A 7 day Devotional Ritual

Release   Regenerate   Reconnect

Ritual        Daily Devotional Tasks        Self Care        Wholistic Witchcraft

Love yourself into Wholeness

Reconnect with your Divine Self

Honour your Body

Reconnect with your Truth

Walk your path with Power

To print out a PDF copy of your ritual go here: I am Divine

Timing: Beginning on a Friday evening as this day is sacred to Aphrodite and therefore all acts of love, then upon rising each morning and before bed each night

Moon Phase: Waxing

Supplies: Please note that while this list may look extensive that it doesn’t need to be at all expensive. I often visit cheap stores to buy supplies like candles, you might have some things already on hand (like the bowls and beauty products), I often find things online cheaply and if you’re lucky like me – you may be able to gather your herbal supplies from your own garden or the gardens of friends.

  • An altar (a small table or benchtop)
  • Pink candle + a good supply of tealights
  • A square of red paper and a square of black
  • A black candle
  • A red candle
  • Herbs and Flowers (see preparation)
  • Charcoal disks if making the love incense (see preparation)
  • A mortar and pestle if making the incense
  • An Aphrodite or Venus oracle card, you could also use a love oracle card. If you don’t have any of these you can print one from your computer – google images.
  • Rose or rose geranium essential oil
  • A rose quartz crystal
  • A howlite crystal
  • A garnet crystal
  • Rose petals – dried or fresh
  • A smudge stick – unless you are making the love one (see preparation) – then you will just use that
  • A couple of heat proof dishes
  • Sand or earth to place in the heatproof dishes to absorb the heat from smudge sticks and incense charcoal disks if using
  • The following for your altar: A bowl of salt or earth, Incense with a heatproof dish, a bowl of water and a white candle + representations of Goddess such as: a statue, a seashell, a chalice, flowers or whatever feels right to you.
  • Your favourite body wash + body moisturiser & facial products like cleanser, a mask & moisturiser. If these are not things you already have you can make them yourself or obtain them inexpensively – I like Sukin. It’s Australian made, organic, inexpensive and available at chemists, health food stores and some supermarkets
  • A journal and pen


I recommend you start preparing at least a week before you start the actual ritual if you are making the smudge stick. Otherwise at least a few days.

–  The most important thing you need to do first is make the time for this. Your first ritual will take at least an hour, your morning & evening rituals will take as long as you want them to but at least 10 – 20 minutes and your tasks can be completed throughout the day/night when it is best for you. In my studio the thing I hear the most is “I don’t have time for self care”. So make the time by having a think of your current schedule and eliminate whatever is not absolutely necessary. When I need to make time for a ritual such as this (yes I have done this one and others that go for weeks), these are some of the areas where I cut down:

  • Social media
  • Saying yes to doing things for others and no to doing things for myself
  • Home duties – I delegate where I can
  • Checking emails. I try to keep it to once or twice a day
  • Procrastination – I try to stay focused and get done what I need to get done in a timely manner

I understand that all our situations are unique and that this will be harder for some of you then others. I also know that some of us are most excellent time wasters – I get distracted by shiny pretty things very easily! Check your schedule, be really honest with yourself, ask for help if you need to and see if you can find even 30 minutes a day for 7 days.

  The next thing to do is create a sacred space. Gather your supplies and have them on hand ready to go. If you don’t already have one, set up an altar for yourself. An altar is a table or surface where you can set up your ritual supplies such as your bowls of salt/water, incense, dedication to Goddess etc. It is a place to focus your intent and perform your magic. Your altar should be set up somewhere private where you can create a sacred space for yourself – for example, mine is in my bedroom.

  Make a love smudge stick or incense for your ritual – preferably both if you have time. You will use the smudge stick to cleanse yourself before each ritual and the incense as part of opening circle in each ritual. Where you can please use organic ingredients as the properties of the plants will not be tainted with chemicals which can change their composition. Also, please don’t stress if you can’t obtain all the ingredients for each recipe as the intent will still be the same. Having said that, if you associate other plants or herbs with love, please feel free to add them. Recipes below:

Love smudge stick:

Ingredients: Fresh ingredients are best and then I usually dry my smudge stick for at least a week before use.

  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Dill
  • Lavender
  • Rose – an actual whole flower
  • Natural string
  • Pink thread – I use embroidery thread


Neatly bundle your ingredients together, tie first with the string starting at the bottom and encircling the bundle a few times then winding both ends of the thread upwards in a criss-cross fashion (note that it is handy here to have someone hold your bundle for you), follow with the pink thread. You can add anything else to your smudge stick that inspires you such as rose essential oil, crystals or charms.

To use:

You will burn this by lighting the top end and then swish the smoke around yourself to clear negative energies + invite in the energy of love. Please make sure you have some sort of heat proof dish on hand to rest it in once you are done (you might need to snub it out a bit if its smoking well)

Love Incense:


  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Oregano
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Frankincense resin (available online or at lots of new age shops)


Add a good pinch of each of the ingredients to a mortar and pestle and grind until you obtain a nice powder (doesn’t matter if it’s a bit chunky – but not too chunky).

To use:

  1. Have one of your heat proof dishes with a little sand/earth inside it (say a couple of tablespoons).
  2. Light your charcoal disk and place on top of the sand/earth
  3. Add a pinch of your incense to the top of the disk. You may need to add a few more pinches if necessary

Casting Circle

During this ritual you will need to cast a circle to work in. A circle is a safe and protected space where you will not be disturbed from negative energies or entities. If you are proficient in casting circle please use your own method but if you are not, here is a guide to casting basic circle below:

  • Set up your altar with your tools for the ritual and your Goddess representations.
  • Now cleanse yourself and your space with your smudge stick, light your white candle and begin:
  • Close your eyes, centre yourself and imagine yourself filling with white light.
  • Using your finger or your athame (magick knife) if you have one, hold your arm straight out in front of you and point your finger/knife. Begin to circle where you stand widdershins (anti-clockwise – deosil clockwise for northern hemisphere) and visualise white light streaming out of your finger/knife until it creates a full ring. As you see the ring of white light forming see it expanding above and below the line. As you do this say the following thrice:

“I conjure you circle so that you may provide me with a safe and sacred space to work within. So mote it be”

By the time you are back to where you started the white light has extended all the way to the ceiling and below the ground/floor so that it has formed a large sphere all around you.

Now walk the circle with your representations of the elements – Your bowl of water (sprinkle some), your salt to represent Earth (sprinkle this too), A candle to represent Fire and your incense to represent Air.

And now call in Aphrodite, Goddess of love:

“Goddess Aphrodite

I ask you to witness and bless this magical working

That is set outside of time within this sacred space.

Blessed Be”

Your circle is now ready for your ritual.

When you have completed your spell remember to thank the Guardians of the directions and Goddess. Now walk deosil (clockwise – widdershins anti-clockwise for northern hemisphere) around the circle with your hand/knife pointed at the centre and ‘cut’ the circle, visualise the white light dissipating and say

“The circle is open but never broken”

Please note that I feel it is only necessary to cast a full circle on the first night. For all other magical workings a simple bubble of white light around yourself (visualise one) will suffice. If you do wish to cast a full circle for each working please do so. If you have never cast circle before you may like to do a practise run before you start the ritual (totally optional).

You are now ready to begin.

Day 1: Aphrodite Love Thyself Ritual

Timing: A Friday Evening during a waxing moon

You will need:

  • A pink candle + a white one
  • A bowl of salt and a bowl of water
  • Incense – use the love one if you have made it. If you are using powdered incense you will need a charcoal disk and heatproof dish (please note that you will need a heat proof dish anyway)
  • A smudge stick or the love one if you have made it
  • Rose petals – dried is fine if you don’t have fresh
  • A rose quartz crystal
  • An Aphrodite oracle card or love tarot card (you can print one)
  • Things that represent feminine or Goddess energy to you – check supply list in “Preparation” for inspiration
  • Your bodycare products listed in the supply list
  • Something pretty to put in your bath like a bath bomb or flower petals
  • Paper and a pen

The Ritual:

  1. Prepare everything you will need for your ritual bath/shower – make sure you have a towel and all your body care products on hand
  2. Prepare your altar: Place your bowls of water and salt towards the back – one to the left and one to the right; Place the white candle in the middle of them towards the back; place the pink candle in front of the bowls in the centre of your altar; place the tarot card in front of the pink candle with the crystal at the top of the card; place the incense wherever feels good to you and place your feminine/Goddess representations wherever feels good to you. The heatproof dish, pen & paper can go on the floor near your altar. Please note: This is not a traditional altar set up and you are most welcome to add anything else that feels right and good to you. The aim here is to give your altar an overall feminine feel that is beautiful to you.
  3. Smudge yourself and your space, including your bathroom
  4. Light your white candle and cast your simple circle (above) invoking Aphrodite as you do. Ask her to attend your ritual and bless you with love energy. Please note: If possible extend your circle out to include your bathroom or visualise a white bubble around your bathroom once you go in there.
  5. Sit before your altar now and light the pink candle. Spend a few moments with your eyes closed tuning into yourself and focusing on your intention tonight which is to connect with your inner Goddess.
  6. Rip your paper into little pieces and on them write whatever you need to let go of that is blocking you from self-love and care or feeling worthy. Burn each one as you do so saying “I banish you…..” and dropping it into your heat proof container. For example: “I banish you low self-worth” or “I banish you unhealthy choices”.
  7. Take your crystal and speak an intention into it such as “I am open to fully give and receive love”. Speak words that mean the most to you. Place it back on the oracle/tarot card.
  8. Say:

“I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am magickal and I am worthy. Aphrodite help me to see the beauty and power that resides within me. I am ready to love myself as I deserve to be loved, so mote it be”

  1. Sprinkle the rose petals over your altar to seal your spell.
  2. Now go into the bathroom taking your candles with you (you may also like to add lots of other ones to create a truly magickal space). Apply a facemask if you have one and run yourself a bath or warm shower.
  3. Take your time completely pampering your body. When I have done this spell I have used a beautiful body wash, scrubbed my feet and gave myself a lovely facial. As you go over each body part you might like to declare your love for it.
  4. Soak/shower for as long as you like then hop out, towel yourself dry and continue the pampering – massage your body with your body cream, moisturise your face etc
  5. Go back to your altar, close circle thanking the directions and Aphrodite, put your crystal under your pillow and then carry or keep it with you at all times during the ritual period.
  6. For tonight your spell is done

Please leave your altar set up as it is for this ritual for the remainder of your devotional

Day 2:


  • Complete your body scan (see below)
  • Perform your morning ritual (see below)
  • Set your intentions for the day
  • Read through your task

Upon waking, stay in bed for a moment and check in with your body. Take 3 deep breaths then from the top of your head begin a scan going through all parts of your body and notice any pain, discomfort, tension or emotional blockages. Mentally release any hurts and then send healing to yourself where you need it. To do this visualise white, pink or pale blue light going to those areas and dissolving what needs to be dissolved. Take another deep breath and prepare yourself for task 1:

Task 1: Begin the practise of a daily morning ritual

It is important to start your day feeling centred and connected not only to your body but also your inner self. This allows you to remain calm throughout the day, deal with situations and make decisions more effectively, make choices for your highest good and remain connected to your intuition. Your daily morning ritual can take as little as 5 minutes or hours – it is totally up to you and what your time allows for.

In my daily ritual I begin by making myself a hot lemon water and sip it in bed while I journal my intentions for the day. Then I sit before my altar, light my white candle and simply breathe for a few moments with my eyes shut to centre and try to quiet my mind (not always easy for me!). I say a short heartfelt prayer to Goddess & God then give my thanks (gratitude) to the Universe for all the blessings in my life and finish with choosing 1 or a few oracle cards for daily guidance. This has had a profound effect on how I feel and how I am able to flow through each day. It has also been a lifesaver when I have been facing challenging times. If this is not something you already do, see below for a few ideas on how you can make your morning ritual your own.

  • Take a few moments to sit still and empty your mind. Breathe deeply and allow your body to totally relax. If you find this difficult, perhaps a guided meditation would be useful – you could listen to one on YouTube or buy a CD (like one of mine for example!)
  • Go outside to where there is sunshine, put your feet on the Earth and take in the healing rays of the Sun for a few moments. This feels so amazing.
  • Recite and feel into the body appreciation prayer (see below).
  • Practise daily gratitude. Ponder for a moment ~ What am I grateful for? Your family, Your friends, Your job, Your home? Mother Nature and her beauty? Abundance in your life? This is an important daily exercise because it will remind you of how blessed you truly are and will help you to focus on the positives in your life.
  • Choose an oracle or tarot card for guidance
  • Balance your chakras
  • Practise gratitude every for your body because she is amazing! Every morning I say to myself ‘Thank you for my healthy, voluptuous, strong, soft and beautiful body’ then I gaze into the mirror into my own eyes and say ‘I love you’. I understand this will be hard for some of you but if you are ready to do this I encourage you to stick with it even if you feel weird at first because if you’ve ever heard the saying ‘if you hear something often enough you start to believe it’– its totally true.
  • Use essential oils and magickal sprays for clearing, centering, grounding, motivating etc
  • Do some self-healing such as EFT, colour therapy or energy work
  • Practise 5 minutes of yoga – the Salute to the Sun is most excellent for this as it stretches and invigorates every part of your body (find it on YouTube if you don’t already know how to do it).
  • Journal your intentions for the day

Your morning ritual will be your own and if this is not something you normally do you will find what feels right for you over time. Just remember that even 5 minutes devoted to this task can make a huge difference to your day.

You will perform a morning ritual every day for the rest of your devotion.


Sit before your altar, light a candle and breathe yourself to stillness for a few moments, Journal the following:

  • Check in: What were your triumphs and happy moments today?
  • How did you feel energetically throughout today?
  • Did you experience any insights or a-ha’s?

Now express gratitude in whatever way feels good to yourself for the amazing work you did today. You are moving, You are shaking, You are changing, You are evolving, You are becoming.

Day 3:


  • Complete your body scan
  • Perform your morning ritual
  • Set your intentions for the day
  • Read through your task
Task 2: Listen to your body and inner wisdom

What foods make you feel energized and alive? What foods leave you feeling heavy, bloated, tired and just crap? What activities make your body sing with energy and fill you with joy? How much sleep do you need? How much water do you need each day? Do you get enough rest and relaxation? Start paying attention today (and every day thereafter) to how you feel throughout the day and give your body, mind and soul what she needs. Need energy? Eat something packed with vitality. Need rest? Take even 5 minutes to sit and breathe. Need healing? Step out into the Sun and let the light fill you.

I would suggest doing a review of the above questions and journal where you might be able to make some positive amendments. I’m a list person so when I set my intentions in the morning I make sure I allow for all of the above including a daily menu & exercise schedule. I have provided a menu template for you to help you get on track if you need to. Download here: Weekly menu & food planner

Please note: You will notice I have suggested no wheat and no dairy on the food planner – please do what is right for you.

See below for some tips:

  • Start each morning with a hot lemon water to flush out your system & get your metabolism moving
  • Perform ‘Salute to the Sun’ – a 3 ½ minute yoga routine that stretches every part of your body and gets your circulation moving. (Find a clip on how to do the Salute on You tube)
  • Feed your body only nourishing wholesome foods. Limit your caffeine intake & try to eliminate sugar, soft drinks and anything processed – Fresh is best!!
  • Watch your portion size, resist overeating
  • Move your body every day that you are on this program (and a minimum of 3 days a week afterwards for at least 20 minutes). If you don’t love exercise try to make it something fun like a walk or swim with a friend
  • Be sure to get enough sleep – at least 7-8 hours. This is when our bodies restore and regenerate themselves (our bodies are amazing!)
  • Schedule in rest time – rest as in – time to just be still and relax. This is good for our mind and calming for the soul.
  • Take care of the outside as well as looking after your inner health. Nourish your skin daily with buffing or exfoliating, using chemical free and organic body washes and skin creams.


Sit before your altar, light a candle and breathe yourself to stillness for a few moments, Journal the following:

  • Check in: What were your triumphs and happy moments today?
  • How did you feel energetically throughout today?
  • Did you experience any insights or a-ha’s?

Now express gratitude in whatever way feels good to yourself for the amazing work you did today, blow out your candle and gift yourself a nourishing sleep.

Day 4:


  • Complete your body scan
  • Perform your morning ritual
  • Set your intentions for the day
  • Read through your task
Task 3: Self-assessment

By now it is my hope that you are feeling more balanced, positive, healthy and clear so at this point of your journey it is time to go within. Time to ask questions and find answers, to explore your inner truths, time to heal, for acceptance and to connect with the lost parts of yourself.

Please complete the ritual below in the evening at a time that suits you. I will suggest though that it is fully dark when you perform it, it adds to the magick.

You will need:

  • Your altar basic set up
  • Lots of candles (any colour & size) to put around your room
  • Smudge stick
  • A deck of oracle or tarot cards
  • Rose or rose geranium essential oil
  • Your journal and a pen

The ritual:

  1. Have a cleansing bath or shower using your pink salt with water to create a scrub. When you get out anoint yourself with the essential oil imagining that you are breathing in love as you do
  2. Smudge yourself and your space
  3. Cast circle calling in Aphrodite to aid you in your magick
  4. Sit before the altar and light the pink candle. Focus on it for a few moments to clear your mind.
  5. Take your oracle cards, give them a shuffle and choose 3 asking these questions as you do:
  • Card 1: What am I releasing?
  • Card 2: What do I need to focus on for myself right now?
  • Card 3: What do I need to bring into my life for myself right now?
  1. Journal the questions and answers you gained from the cards
  2. Take a few moments to close your eyes and breathe deeply. It is time to go deeper.

Write out a list detailing all the things that make you who you are

  • They can be physical qualities, mental gifts or personal attributes such as your caring nature or your creative streak. They can be things you love – your favourite smell, sound or colour. Also list any quirky or unique things about you, even if you have always thought a particular habit odd, if it’s something you like about yourself – write it down! This list is for your eyes only so you can be completely honest with yourself
  • Now journal what attributes you would like to nurture or bring out within yourself. Would you like to be stronger? More focused? More compassionate? More connected? More magickal?
  • What do you need to do to strengthen those attributes you’ve listed? Make an action plan. Read your action plan out loud to set the intention.
  1. Every day from this one, do at least one thing to nurture and share your positive attributes and bring in more energy to the attributes you wish to strengthen.
  2. Continue on with your regular evening ritual below and close circle after.


After your ritual above, stay within circle and journal the following:

  • Check in: What were your triumphs and happy moments today?
  • How did you feel energetically throughout today?
  • Did you experience any insights or a-ha’s?

Now express gratitude in whatever way feels good to yourself for the amazing work you did today, blow out your candle and gift yourself a nourishing sleep.

Day 5:


  • Complete your body scan
  • Perform your morning ritual
  • Set your intentions for the day
  • Read through your task
Task 4: Raise your Vibration

This is raising the frequency or vibration you are putting out into the Universe. Raising your positive energy to emit positive vibes. Everything you think, say and feel becomes your reality so keeping your thoughts & actions positive means you are more likely to attract more positive situations & people into your life.

Some ways to raise your vibration:

  • Get outside in nature
  • Ground yourself
  • Hang out with other people who vibe high and inspire you
  • Eat leafy green vegetables
  • Smudge/cleanse your whole house
  • Burn uplifting essential oils or incense
  • Smile, laugh, play, experience joy
  • Eat high raw foods daily
  • Breathe deeply
  • Create something
  • Do yoga
  • Give yourself some healing
  • Eat figs, almonds or raisins
  • Burn lavender oil
  • Listen to relaxation music or music that lifts your energy – for me that’s heavy metal
  • Practice forgiveness, gratitude and kindness
  • Clear some clutter in your house or give the whole place a spring clean
  • Give and receive love
  • Walk on the beach

An exercise to try…

My mentor taught me this amazing way to raise your vibration. Please try this sitting down with your feet perfectly flat on the ground. If you feel weird or woozy at any stage – stop straight away.

  • Close your eyes and take several slow deep breaths
  • Call up Earth Heart energy from Mother Earth – Feel energy come up through your feet, into your legs and up your body until it reaches your heart
  • Now call down Cosmic Heart energy from the Cosmos. Feel the energy enter in through your crown, traveling down through your head and your body until it reaches your heart
  • Now tune into your heart. Connect with your heartbeat. Feel the Earth Heart energy and Cosmic Heart energy swirling in your heartspace
  • Now expand your consciousness and feel the heartbeat of any living things around you. Then the heartbeats of everyone/thing in your suburb, your state, your country, the Earth, The Universe. Feel the heartbeat of the Universe and know that your heart beats in tune with it.
  • Now visualize a seed in your heart. It cracks open and a seedling sprouts
  • What is your seedling? Is it a flower, or a plant or a tree?
  • The seedling grows within you quickly, feeding off the Earth Heart & Cosmic Heart energy – the roots reaching for the earth, the branches and leaves reaching for the sky
  • It is as big as you now and you feel the roots sink into the Earth
  • You/your seedling is taller then a house now. You can feel the sun on your leaves, the air blowing around you, the earth nourishing you and the moisture in the earth sustaining you. And still you keep growing.
  • You will feel when it’s time to reach your growth and when you do – physically reach your hands down and cup them (facing upwards) on either side of the outside of your legs
  • Feel the energy in the palms of your hands. Now slowly lift your hands – continuing to feel the energy as they rise
  • Keep raising your hands until you need to stand up, keep raising your hands until your hands are as high over your head as they can go – feel the energy buzzing in your hands and throughout your body
  • You can take a breath and open your eyes

Note: If at any time the energy stops buzzing in your hands as you are raising them – It means there is a blockage so pause and summon more energy from Earth Heart/Cosmic Heart to move through it.


Sit before your altar, light a candle and breathe yourself to stillness for a few moments, Journal the following:

  • Check in: What were your triumphs and happy moments today?
  • How did you feel energetically throughout today?
  • Did you experience any insights or a-ha’s?

Now express gratitude in whatever way feels good to yourself for the amazing work you did today, blow out your candle and gift yourself a nourishing sleep.

Day 6:


  • Complete your body scan
  • Perform your morning ritual
  • Set your intentions for the day
  • Read through your task
Task 5: Keep feeling the feels

This part of the ritual is about tapping into how we feel and if positive, imprinting it into our body, mind and soul so we may stay connected with it. At the end of the day – it’s not numbers on a scale, other people, material things or money that will make us happy. It is how we feel inside and as magickal beings once we experience and recognise this feeling – we are able to recreate it.

The purpose of today’s task is to experience what it feels like to feel good. Sometimes I feel good when I’m really connected, sometimes it’s cause I feel pretty, sometimes it’s because I am happy inside and sometimes it’s because I feel love all around me. When I am fully in my power it is all of these things and more.

So, what makes you feel good?

For me a quick way to feel good is to treat myself to a new hairdo and a manicure – raises my vibration instantly every time!

Today I would love you to go out and do whatever is going to make you feel good all the way into your bones.

You could visit a spa or your local salon, a place of spiritual significance, get outside to connect with nature, head to the gym or catch up with loving people. See below for a few more of my favourite tried and tested things that make me feel good. Please note, sometimes when I really need a lift I will use a whole bunch of these ideas together:

  • Get a new do (hairdo!)
  • Wear crystals and essential oils to lift your vibe. Look up which ones help bring in the feelings you want to create for yourself. For example: Today I wanted to bring in feelings of love and peace so I created a potion with lavender, rose, geranium, rosemary, ylang ylang and patchouli. I have been dousing myself in it all morning and it instantly lifted my vibe.
  • Have a pedicure or a manicure
  • Head to your favourite place in nature and set up an outdoor altar. Connect with the elements and if you feel moved to, do some journaling
  • Dress up, even if you are just at home. I love dressing up as often as possible!
  • Have a nurturing massage
  • Visit magickal places through meditation
  • Get a facial – a crystal healing facial is delicious
  • Buy some new clothes or accessories
  • Plan a trip, even if it’s just a mini one like a road trip to the other side of town
  • Perform a lovely ritual – whatever you feel moved to do
  • Lose yourself in a creative project


Sit before your altar, light a candle and breathe yourself to stillness for a few moments, Journal the following:

  • Check in: What were your triumphs and happy moments today?
  • How did you feel energetically throughout today?
  • Did you experience any insights or a-ha’s?

Now express gratitude in whatever way feels good to yourself for the amazing work you did today, blow out your candle and gift yourself a nourishing sleep.

Day 7:


  • Complete your body scan
  • Perform your morning ritual
  • Set your intentions for the day
  • Read through your task
Task 6: Reclaim your Power

You have committed to yourself, you have done the work. It is now time to fully reclaim what has always been yours – your power.

What does a woman in her power look like? She is confident, she knows her truth, she radiates natural beauty because she feels it from the inside out, she goes after what she wants and attends to her own needs, she gives and receives love unconditionally, she makes choices for her highest wellbeing, she is connected to her intuition, she knows her worth, she has healthy boundaries in place and she is magick.

Perform the ritual below tonight and again whenever you need to reconnect with your power.

Powerful Goddess Ritual

Timing: Perform in the evening after dark

You will need:

  • A symbol of power, you could even draw the symbol for power on a piece of paper
  • A black pen
  • A square of red paper and a square of black
  • A garnet crystal
  • Your love incense
  • Rose petals – dried or fresh
  • A black candle
  • A red candle
  • A heatproof container

The Spell:

  1. Set up your altar space, removing the pink candle, rose petals (to use again in this ritual) and Aphrodite card. Place red and black candles + power symbol on your altar somewhere in the centre
  2. Have a cleansing bath or shower by candlelight chanting Goddess Lilith’s name
  3. Cast circle, sit before your altar and light the black candle
  4. On the black paper with a black pen, write down ways in which you have given away your power.
  5. Set it alight & drop it into a cauldron or heat proof container
  6. Carve the word ‘Power’ into the red candle, light
  7. On the red paper write down the ways in which you invite your power back into you – visualise yourself anew standing in your power & glory
  8. Speak the following chant into the crystal:
    “Lilith I ask you to stand witness unto meAs I reclaim my power, to become all I can beShackles begone, I now stand freeTo reclaim what’s mine, my power is DivineBy the power of 3×3, this is my will & so it shall be”
  9. Pass your crystal through the incense smoke & place in front of the candle with your symbol. Sprinkle with rose petals & leave candle to burn
  10. From the next morning wear your crystal on your person to be reminded daily of your power.


After your ritual above, stay within circle and journal the following:

  • Check in: What were your triumphs and happy moments today?
  • How did you feel energetically throughout today?
  • Did you experience any insights or a-ha’s?
  • What have you gained from this ritual as a whole?
  • What practises would you like to continue with and what of your own practises would you like to introduce?

Now express gratitude in whatever way feels good to yourself for the amazing work you did today and every day of this ritual, blow out your candle and gift yourself a nourishing sleep.

Keeping up with your practise

It is hoped that during this ritual you have already integrated the practices into your daily life so that they now feel natural and indeed – I would encourage you to keep them. Life happens and we are bound to stray from our path every now and then so let these practices and this ritual be an ongoing resource for you in helping you stay connected or reconnect with your power and divinity whenever it is needed.

Simple ways to keep up with your practise:

  • Tune into your body every morning
  • Continue to eat whole nourishing foods
  • Try your best to stay present and in flow
  • Stay connected to your cycles and rhythms to utilise your energy to the best of your ability
  • Perform a morning ritual every day – even if it’s a mini one
  • Allow for rest and adequate sleep
  • Lift your vibration whenever you need to
  • Keep journaling – release your thoughts onto paper to keep your mind clear
  • Spend regular time in nature
  • Keep up your self-care rituals – take care of your body

I dearly hope you have enjoyed this journey and may your path forward be a blessed one,

Bella x

If learning and practising magick is something you would like to expand your knowledge on you might like to check out my 12 month Apprenticeship in Witchcraft & Magick. Go here for more info:

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