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Living in tune with your rhythms

Awareness around your own personal cycles for health and wellbeing…

What are your own personal rhythms? Are you in tune with the moon? Do you live seasonally as best you can?
Living in tune with your rhythms is flowing with natural energies to get the best results from yourself on all levels – body, mind, soul & magic.
Rhythms exist within you and all around you – the rhythms of your body, the rhythms of nature, the rhythms of your family and household. Brushing your teeth, eating and showering are all part of a rhythm that form part of your daily life for example.
Listening to your body and your intuition will help you flow through each day with more ease and grace. The key to mastering this is to listen to what YOU need in any given moment and not what others tell you you need or what you think you should need.
For example: I like to live in tune with the seasons as best I can so in Winter you will find me slow cooking casseroles and in Summer you will mostly find me in my pool & eating stone fruit. The difference with me though is that whereas a lot of people tend to hibernate in Winter, I hibernate in Summer because I don’t like the heat. I spent years pushing through the discomfort I felt any time I had to go out in Summer and all it did for me in the end was make me a miserable cow.
Working with my own rhythms now flows so much better for me and therefore my family & my business. Hibernating in Summer means I spend more time connecting with my clients, working on creative projects and engaging online in between dips in my pool which keeps me feeling refreshed & happy. While using Winter as my ‘out’ time when I’m doing lots of expo’s & stalls means I can wear the elaborate outfits I like to wear & I’m comfortable meaning my energy is naturally vibrating higher.
Some ways you can tune in to and flow with your own rhythms:
  • Live in tune with the moon – utilise the energy of the moon to your best advantage. Work with your creativity when the moon is at her full peak and use the dark moon when energies are lowest to rest, reflect & regenerate. Also utilise moon energy for your magic – consider what the intention of your spells are and what energy you need for it – fast or slow, high or low
  • Live seasonally as mentioned earlier. Eat seasonal foods to get the most vitality out of them and pay attention to when your body wants rest (hibernation) and when it wants to move. Your magic will also get an energetic boost when you work with the seasons.
  • Listen to the rhythms of your body. Notice and nourish your body when it tells you it needs food, water or rest
  • For women, notice the rhythms of your cycles so you can work with the best times to be active and the best times to rest (and be away from people if you are pms-ing!)
  • Work with rhythms to bring harmony to your household – when your energy is high use this time to perform extra tasks around the house, work in the garden or do big cook ups so that when your energy is lower – you can rest & rejuvenate.


I would suggest starting a list of how you do live with rhythms and what areas you might need to give more energy to and start making small changes to integrate your new more aware way of life.

Yours in rhythm, flow and magic, Bella xx

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