Bonjour and welcome to week 6 of Maman & Fille

descendre à la connaissance

Or ‘Getting down with knowledge’

Over the last 5 weeks we have put the most important parts of making our journey a success into place and enjoyed a week to chill out and focus on our self care:

  • We got organized and planned out what we need to do to prepare for our trip
  • We got busy getting fit and focusing on our health
  • We put a manifesting plan into place
  • And we had a look at our support crew to make sure we are surrounded by supportive loving peeps that will help us make sure everything runs smoothly.

This week I want to explore what we need to learn or what we need to add to our plans in order to make our trip easier and more awesome and the obvious answer to that is to learn the language of where we are going!

8 weeks is  a short time to learn a new language but we can at the least learn the most important phrases we will need to get by like hello, good bye, please, thank you etc.

Mum & I have found a website where we can learn French for free and there are also apps available that say the word out loud ~ The best option for a visual & audio learner like me!

We also have a coffee date planned with our friend Holly who lived in Paris for 4 months and she will teach us phrases and pronunciation (and maybe a few naughty words just for fun).

I’m really looking forward to this part, I LOVE learning new things!

So your task for this week is to think about learning something new.

Is there a course you have always wanted to take? Is there a self help book you have always wanted to read or a mentor you have always wanted to work with?

Be bold and brave and try something new this week, it will expand your mind and growth!

Till next week we bid you adieu

Bella and Chris xox


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