Bonjour Dames & welcome to Week 1o of our French Adventure!

         idées inspirantes de rester merde chaude

Or Inspired Ideas to keep you shit HOT!

We have spent the last 9 weeks putting some amazing systems into place and by now should feel like we have got it goin' on!
I have been looking after my health/fitness and working on organization & manifesting for a long time but have really stepped things up over this last 9 weeks for sure.
I have lost a few kilo's, I have changed my body shape, I am much healthier, I have stepped it up in my business opening my 
new home studio & have released a 30 day Health & Wellbeing Program + I have constantly reviewed my goals to make sure I am staying on task and organized.
So over the next 3 weeks we are going to look at how we can step things up even more and stay motivated beyond this 
This week I will share some inspired ideas to help keep us motivated because I know that ideas for things like lunches or fun exercises can dry up after a while and we can become bored. So following are my top 5's - for everything: Top 5 tips for healthy breakfasts:
  • Muesli with fruit & yoghurt
  • An Omelette loaded with veggies, a big handful of baby spinach & a bit of cheese
  • Fresh fruit & veggie juice
  • Oats with LSA (ground linseed, almond & sunflower seeds), milk, banana and a little honey
  • Breakkie wrap with ham or bacon, tomatoes, onion, garlic and a big handful of greens (such as baby spinach)

Top 5 tips for healthy lunches:

  • Cooked marinated chicken tossed through a green salad with a little fetta
  • Homemade Soup – my favorites are creamy chicken & veg or pumpkin
  • Mini pizza with tomato paste or hommus, chargrilled or roasted veggies and a little cheese
  • Tuna salad sandwich with a little mayo on Gluten Free bread (I am in LOVE with Burgen Chia seed bread – yum)
  • A healthy burger, sometimes I make up beef or tandoori lamb or chicken patties – with loads of salad and a little cheese on a grainy roll

Top 5 tips for healthy dinners:

  • Balsamic & mustard lamb rump steaks with mashed garlic sweet potato & steamed greens
  • Quiche and salad (I make my own shortcrust pastry)
  • Steak with roasted sweet potato topped with caramelized onions & a little swiss cheese
  • Good old fashioned roast with loads of veggies, for less fat go with lamb or beef and go easy on the oil
  • Porcupine meatballs (they have a little rice in them + grated veggies) with garlic mash & a rich tomato sauce, served with steamed veggies

Top 5 exercise tips (If you don’t LOVE exercise like me):

  • Get out in nature for a walk, you will be so entranced in the scenery you will forget you’re working out!
  • Ask a friend along with you for a workout, go for a walk, a bike ride, a rollerskate or walk to an outdoor gym (they are everywhere here)
  • Find something you actually like doing, I mix my workouts up all the time. I love yoga, dancing, martial arts, swimming, walking & rollerskating
  • If you don’t currently exercise, start slow & small so you don’t get overwhelmed & give up. Start with 3 x 30 minute workouts a week
  • Hire a trainer, join an outdoor training group, join a gym with a friend or start a team sport to keep you accountable

Top 5 tips for Self care activities:

  • Fill a warm bath with your favorite essential oils or bath foam (I love Lush products) and lie back & relax with a good book
  • Go and see your favorite beauty professional for regular treatments such as a pedicure or massage – treat yourself while looking after your skin!
  • Indulge in regular rest time such as relaxing with a book or meditating
  • Get to bed early and allow your body to do it’s best work regenerating & beautifying you while you sleep
  • Nourish your body with amazing fresh food

Top 5 tips to avoid overwhelm:

  • Get plenty of rest and relaxation to keep your mind clear
  • Set your intentions for the day, starting with your 3 most important tasks to stay organized
  • Simplify your life – eliminate anything from your daily routine that is stressing you out or is not necessary
  • Delegate – don’t be afraid to ask family members to help you get dinner on or co-workers to help you meet a deadline
  • Get regular exercise as it helps clear the mind and releases happy endorphin’s + allows you to step away from the pressures of daily life for a while

 Refer back to this list whenever you are feeling unmotivated, blah, stuck for ideas or self sabotaging to help you stay on/get back on track and do let me know if you have any tips of your own you would like to add!

Please also note that the meal ideas provided are based around what I eat and are all mostly based on fresh ingredients (ie: No packets/jars!). If you would like recipes, just flick me an email/message & I will forward you a copy.

Also – If you need a training partner/motivator just let me know. I exercise 5-6 days a week every week and am always keen for buddies to train with!

Till next week belle dames we bid you adieu

Bella & Chris xox



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