Bonjour Dames and welcome to Maman & Fille Week 11!

            N'oubliez pas les détails

Or 'Don't dis the details yo'

Oh my goodness can you believe we are in the last week of our program?? And the countdown is ON for our trip, only 4 little sleeps to go!!
Just a short post from me this week and continuing on from last week - we are talking about how to maintain your new lifestyle beyond this program. 
Maman & I are down to the last little details now for our trip - exchanging money, writing lists to help the boys of our household run things while we are away, getting our flash holiday hairdo's, finishing off our packing & I am tying up any loose ends for my business to make sure it continues to run while away. 
Last week I gave you all my best tips on meal ideas, exercise, how to avoid overwhelm & more to keep you inspired, and this week I am talking about remembering the details, because the details are important and one of the main keys to ongoing success. Paying attention to the details will keep your energy consistent and 'in flow', giving you the best chance to live your best life.

One of the best things I have ever learnt was from my friend Kylie Patchett from The Tall Poppy Project. If things aren't going well, if things feel hard and are not running smoothly in any area of your life, ask yourself this question:
Where am I not honoring myself? Where am I not nourishing myself?
This has been an invaluable tool for me when I have not felt 'in flow' personally or with my business. If it felt like I wasn't connecting with people online or in person, or if I was experiencing a quiet week, I would ask myself this question and I can tell you every time without fail that it would always come back to me not looking after myself in some area. Maybe I wasn't resting enough or eating nourishing foods. Maybe I wasn't getting enough exercise or going to bed too late so naturally my energy was out of whack.
Once I figured it out I was then able to remedy the situation, my energy would flow evenly once more and things would start to feel 'right' again.
So this is where remembering the details is imperative to the success of maintaining your healthy new lifestyle. If you are feeling a bit off, blah, foggy, tired or like everything is hard. Have a look at the 'details' of your life:
  • Are you getting enough rest & relaxation time?
  • Are you getting to bed early enough?
  • Are you eating nourishing foods?
  • Are you drinking enough water?
  • Are you getting regular activity?
  • Are you taking some quiet time each day to practice gratitude to keep a positive frame of mind?

Review over our previous weeks if you need guidance on which details to think about.

Our final post for this series will be full of tips to help you maintain your new lifestyle (on top of the ones I have already given you) as well as some resources for you should you need any more guidance.

Till next time belle dames we bid you adieu

Bella & Chris xox


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