Welcome to Week 3…       montrez-moi l’argent

Or ‘Show me the Money’

Bonjour Dames and welcome to week 3 of our French Lifestyle Make over!

Maman is away this week so I am flying solo but the next thing I can tell you we both need to address right away is making sure we have lots of money for our adventures (pastries, shopping….I could go on).

In Week 1 we got organized for our trip and lifestyle makeover, in week 2 we put some healthy lifestyle practices into place to make sure we are zinging with energy and vitality, and now we must turn our attentions to money and making sure we have enough to do what we need and enjoy our time away to the full.

The first thing we need to do is get clear on what we will need money for:

  • Meals/drinks
  • Tours
  • Transfers
  • Entry fees for sights
  • Car hire
  • Shopping
  • Shopping
  • Shopping

From here we can work out how much we will need. Mum usually works off about $100 per day to cover food,drinks and touristy stuff + a bit extra for shopping and presents for friends/family.

Something else we need to take into account is that we will be working with 3 different currencies and exchange rates – Euros, Pounds and the Singapore dollar. Our dollar is going to go a lot further in Singapore then it will in France and England so how will that affect how much we will need per day?

On almost every holiday I have been on as an adult, we have had to watch our pennies and have always overspent. I do not want that to happen on this holiday- it feels like for this trip it almost wouldn’t be fair to have to count every penny. Having said that, I don’t want to be silly about it either.

My hubby and I are like a lot of working middle class families, we often live paycheck to paycheck so how can I find extra to take away on a trip without having to get a loan or leave my family in the shit while I am gone?

My plan is this:

  • I shall believe wholeheartedly every single day that the money will manifest. This is the law of attraction people, positive thought for a positive outcome. When I send out positive vibrations I send a clear message to the Universe that I am open to receive abundance
  • No more frivolous spending, I don’t need this months foodie mag or a new outfit
  • Reduce household costs by being a bit more clever with food & bills
  • Pay all outgoings in a timely manner to reduce the risk of late fees
  • Step things up in my business and generate more income (I have lots of news on that front to share but not yet – all will be revealed in the coming weeks!!)
  • No more saying ‘no’ to money, I have been guilty of saying ‘oh it’s all right’ or giving discounts to clients. I must always charge what I and my service is worth. This also sends a message to the Universe that I am worthy and ready to receive.

Your task for this week is to think about something you need to manifest, whether it is money or a new car or job and then get clear on what you need to do to attract it to you.

What opportunities can you create for more wealth, a better job or a new car?

Is there anything you need to let go of in order to make way for the new?

Please do share what you need to manifest and your best manifesting tips in the comments below or over on our Facebook group page.

During this week on our group page I will share inspirations to help us all bring more abundance into our lives as well as the top 5 manifesting tips.

Till next week, we bid you adieu

Bella & Chris xox

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