Welcome to Week 4 of Maman and Fille         qui sont vos potes

Or ‘Who your Peeps’?

(Who are your friends?)

Hey girls, how’s your week been?

Last week we talked about Manifesting and were given a fabulous ‘5 tips’  from the lovely Kaye. Have you tried out any of her tips? I have been working with manifesting and getting over my money blocks for quite some time but still have a long ways to go!

Belief is the most important key to Manifesting, you have gotta have tons of it, so this is something I will be working on all the time.

This week, I want to talk about your support crew, as in, the people you surround yourself with.

When you are taking on any type of journey whether an actual trip or a lifestyle change, it is imperative that you surround yourself with a supportive crew of friends and family as they will help you on your road to success.

Do your friends and family support you, encourage you and lift you up when you are doubting yourself or feeling a bit low? Or do some people feed off your low moments and keep you in a negative space? Do you have people that seem to do nothing but whinge and moan all the time so that you feel drained when you leave their presence or do your friends share their successes with you, revel in yours and make you feel light and happy?

This can be a tricky question for some and I have had to answer the same one myself which sadly resulted in having to let a few people go from my life. People that left me feeling drained, unsure of myself and like I wasn’t good enough.

Some had been friends for a long time so it was hard to let go but I now have the most beautiful positive people surrounding me that support me, my family and my business.

I can rely on them when I need company, need an ear, need some help or just need a laugh.

Maman also has an amazing support crew of beautiful people in her life and we are fortunate, because we will need them during the planning of our trip and to help us out while we are away – as well as celebrate with us when we return!

  • First of all my husband has been amazing jumping on board with this (and keeping the secret!) from the get go and has given his full support to my Mum whisking me away for 17 days!
  • My Dad has helped out with planning, making me a special scrapbook for our travels and will help look after my daughter while we are away (and while hubby works away)
  • Our wonderful travel agent Lyn has helped book everything, made us up itineraries and is on hand with lots of suggestions with places to visit and stay
  • My friends have offered their help and support for my Dad with looking after my daughter while we are away
  • Our wonderful Maman & Fille Facebook community has been so supportive and excited for us as well as sharing their tips
  • Our friends are all happy for us and super supportive

We are so lucky, and having amazing people around us really does make the planning of such an epic adventure so much easier and more joyful.

So – your task for this week is to have a look at your ‘support crew’. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do my friends, family and co-workers encourage and support me?
  2. Do they light me up and make me feel happy?
  3. Are they supportive of my endeavors?
  4. Are they positive and speak positively?
  5. Are they happy for me and share in my successes?

It’s a fact that sometimes it is difficult if not impossible to disengage ourselves from a negative person, especially if they are a co-worker you can’t get away from or a family member. So if you cannot lovingly farewell them, then think about how you can make these relationships more positive instead.

Try to surround yourself with positive energy and you will be more positive and confident in yourself and your choices in life.

Till next week we bid you adieu

Bella and Chris xox




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