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Mareykii Magick - A new modality and spiritual practice by Wiccid

A Magickal Co – Creation with the Divine

⭐️ Connecting with the old ways

⭐️ Conjuring symbols of magick
⭐️ Working with energy in a unique and magickal way
⭐️ Use for healing, protection, spellwork, blessings, manifestation, ceremonies
⭐️ Connect with the Divine, Elemental & Magickal Beings
⭐️ Harmonise and balance your Chakras
⭐️ Work them into ritual for a deeper experience and increased power
⭐️ Use for the Self or to help others

This magickal practice was inspired by a Reiki course I did a few years ago. This in itself is an interesting thing because I never felt I wanted to learn Reiki… One day I was out with a friend and she mentioned a course a mutual friend of ours was running.

I had a look at the course and signed up on the spot. Immediately thinking after –  ‘what did I do that for?’

Somehow I knew that for whatever reason I had to be there – and I’ve learned not to question such things.

Fast forward almost a year and I had completed my Reiki Master course. I was surprised and delighted that I actually really loved the training, but I had an intuitive feeling there was more to this for me and a few days later all was revealed.

I was going about my daily business when I saw all these symbols in front of me – magick ones, some that have been around for thousands of years. They were shining with golden light and being woven together like spells.  I immediately knew there was to be 21 symbols divided into 3 levels of learning with the symbols becoming more complex with each level.

I researched each of the symbols to be included choosing ones that have been around for a long time but can be used in our modern practices. I then sat in ritual for a week and downloaded the information for each symbol one by one using my intuition, deeply held inner wisdom and guidance/wisdom from Goddess, Creator, the Universe.

With each symbol I was told how to invoke it, how to use it and what ritual work it would be most useful for. Then I tuned into the sequence of how it is to be woven/conjured and how it is to be used or sent to where it needs to go to do it’s work.

By the time the work was complete I understood now why I needed to go and do that Reiki course – because I had worked with energy magickally for over 25 years, I’d also worked with ThetaHealing and Chakra’s but Reiki is entirely different – I needed to learn another way to work with energy to understand completely how Mareykii Magick would work – it’s a blend of all of it.

I knew this to be a Co Creation with the Divine because of the way the information was given to me – so clearly and concisely without any doubt for even a moment about any of it – I could feel deep in my bones that this was a magickal thing to be shared with the world for the benefit of all. The fact that I felt confident to share it immediately was another confirmation I was on the right path. And the feedback I received when I first shared it at one of my retreats was nothing short of magickal – I took over 20 women through just 4 of the symbols and every one of them LOVED it.

I’ve now taken 14 students through Levels 1, 2 and 3 with spectacular results (read a few testimonials below), these students will be completing their Practitioner & Teacher training this year.

I will be running 2 additional rounds of Maryekii Magick right from Level 1 through to Practitioner this year – if you’d like to know more please read on…


What is Mareykii Magick?

Using magick and symbols that connect us to the old ways, this modality is designed to help us connect, heal and create positive change in our lives.


21 symbols divided into 3 levels of training. Each level brings deeper connection, understanding and skill. Begin with the foundations, then the tools to aid your daily life, then complete with deeper workings that require the more advanced knowledge.

The 3 levels:

Level 1Level 2Level 3












Healing and health


Physical Transformation

Magickal energy




Physical & magickal strength

Magick circle

Psychic awareness

You can choose to complete all 3 levels and use this practice for yourself in your daily life and your magickal practice


After completing all 3 levels students can choose to complete training as a practitioner and teacher of the modality. Training to Practitioner and Teacher level is to take 1 year and 1 day with an initiation upon completion.

Course Curriculum/Basic layout of Workshops:

  • Levels 1 and 2 to be completed in 1 day each with a total of 7 hours training (+ 1 hour for lunch) 9am – 5pm
  • Level 3 is to be completed over 2 days with a total of 13 hours training
  • Practitioner/ Teacher Training is to be conducted over 2 workshops – Workshop 1 is 4 hours, workshop 2 is 6 hours. There is also case studies to be completed that total 10 hours.
  • Total training time of all 4 levels is 47 hours.
  • Mode of delivery will be live workshops expanding to online over time
  • Assessments: Students will be assessed according to understanding and demonstrated skill in conjuring and using the symbols as well as case studies totalling 10 hours if you choose to train to Practitioner/Teacher level.
  • Components: Connect in energetically, go through the theory and meaning of each symbol, put what you’ve learnt into practice

If you choose to complete all levels of training, once you’re certified you will receive the following:

  • • Certificate as a Practitioner and Teacher
    • Client forms
    • Teachers manual
    • Certificates issued to your students
    • Membership in a private online group (optional)
    • Full online support through email
  • Your first year of Membership as a fully trained Practitioner & Teacher
As this was a co-creation between Belinda Payne and the Divine this information is available to all for the benefit of all however, to maintain the integrity and truth of the information shared it must be shared as it was given to Bella/Belinda. Hence why you must complete this training to become a certified Practitioner and/or Teacher if you wish to use it with anyone other then yourself.
Upon completion of both level 3 and Teacher/Practitioner training there will be an initiation into Mareykii Magick as a ‘Mareykii Magick Wise One’.

Upcoming Trainings:

How can you join us?

Sunday 11th August

Level 1

Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th August:  

Level 3 – For students that completed Levels 1 & 2

Sunday 15th September:

Practitioner/Teacher Training part 1 – For students that have completed Level 3 training

All trainings are to be conducted in person here at Wiccid HQ in Buderim Queensland (address provided upon purchase of ticket), or you can join us online – you’ll receive a live link upon purchase.

Purchase your ticket here:

If you have any further questions, please email me here:

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