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Harmonious Home – A Ritual by Wiccid


Harmonious Home – A ritual by Wiccid

A 10 day journey designed to bring harmony and peace to your home as well as to all who dwell within it.


Declutter and cleanse your home, Clear negative energy, Cleanse your home of entities & negative spirits, Bring harmony and peace to your home and all who dwell within it, Clear arguments and invite in peaceful communication, Empower yourself and others within your home, Pay homage to the land your dwelling sits on and appease the spirits

Timing: Any but Dark Moon, New Moon or Waxing Moon are the most potent

Duration: 10 days Inclusions:

  • the ritual to read online or print
  • meditation
  • kitchen witch herb chart
  • option to purchase cleanse, protection and harmony
  • Fb group

Course Layout:

  • Introduction
  • Preparation
  • The Ritual
  • Maintenance

Companion Ritual Kit: Harmonious Goddess – Purchase Here:

You can purchase this course on it’s own or join up for a full Academy membership where you have access to all Wiccid rituals including our Apprenticeship in Magick & Witchcraft. Go here for more info:


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