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Wiccid Potions


Choose from our Handcrafted Wiccid Potions: Love, Strength & Support, Harmony, Protection, Focus and Confidence

10ml glass roller bottle

Magickal Potions by Wiccid

Choose from:

  • Love – Containing a beautiful blend of essential oils such as rose, geranium ylang ylang, lavender and rosemary, this potion holds the intention of increasing your self love, inviting more love into your life or pumping up the love vibes within your existing relationship.


  • Strength – This potion contains essential oils such as thyme, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary & bergamot and holds the intention of giving you peace and calm, courage, trust, release of pain and grief, emotional support, mental clarity, relief from stress, fear & doubt, relief from cravings and compulsive behaviour, purification and a big dose of love.


  • Harmony – This potion contains essential oils such as lavender, rose, thyme and sage and holds the intention of bringing you inner harmony, balance, peace, awareness and


  • Protection: Containing essential oils, black salt, sword powder and a tigers eye crystal – apply this potion and imagine/feel a beautiful layer of protection surround you allowing only positive energies and experiences in while keeping the negative and nasty out.


  • Confidence: Designed to give you a boost when you are feeling your energy wane.  This potion is imbued with success, calm, strength and courage to assist you in regaining your power.


  • Sex: Containing the oils of dill, ginger, patchouli, ylang ylang, cinnamon & sandalwood and infused with the energy of carnelian… Feel your libido, arousal and the connection to your sexual self arise.
  • Power: Containing the oils of black pepper, myrrh, jasmine, ginger & a secret ingredient. Apply this potion and feel empowered. Step up & strengthen your energy. Increase your confidence & assertiveness. Connect to your personal power, the solar plexus chakra and connect to your Lilith.


  • Focus: Containing the oils of ginger, basil, lavender, rosemary & thyme with the herbs comfrey & dandelion.
    This potion is an amazing magickal aid to your work, study, creativity or any other important endeavour where you need to FOCUS. It brings clarity, mental sharpness & memory retention – It’s also revitalising & regenerating.




Each potion has been hand crafted and filled with magickal intent – They have been sacredly prepared, consecrated & blessed by the Moon. When you apply the potion the magick is released!

Use daily or as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: This potion is designed to be applied topically to your skin so please make sure you check for any allergies to essential oils before applying. Alternatively: Apply to your clothing where you will be able to smell it.

Choose your potion

Love, Strength, Harmony, Protection, Confidence, Sex, Power, Focus, Full Set


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