Sorcerer Course Lesson 3 Quiz

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  1. Saturn is ruled by Aries and Pisces.1
  2. The colours associated with an Aquarius Moon are:1

    Please choose from the list in your lesson.

  3. Please complete the following sentence.1

    During a Pisces Moon you should focus your awareness on

  4. Egyptian God Anubis is often depicted as…1
  5. Please complete the following sentence.1

    On completion of your broom you will need to

  6. Rutilated Quartz holds a perfect balance of cosmic light it is said that it can light up your soul and lift your spirit.1
  7. In Palmistry the 4 main lines of the palm are as follows:1

    Please refer to your lesson notes.

  8. Please complete the following sentence.1

    Parsley is a member of the and is native to the Mediterranean.

  9. When should you mix your potion to develop your psychic powers?1
  10. Why do we need to practice self care rituals?1

    The answer is in your lesson but also within yourself!

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