Divine Feminine Womb Healing

$75.00 inc GST

Divine Feminine Womb Ritual

A deeply healing ceremony helping you release emotional pain and discover freedom.


This is a beautiful ritual designed to help you heal the parts of your Divine Feminine that are wounded and causing you emotional pain. Many women carry deep trauma in their wombs created by various factors such as childbirth, abuse, negative patterns of behaviour ingrained in us from childhood and even past life experiences.

In this healing ritual we cast circle calling in our Goddesses and Guides, I then work intuitively using whatever modality is fitting to reveal the wounds – then we do a Shamanic Munay Ki Rite of Womb ceremony to heal them.

This is a beautiful and empowering healing that can help you release much while gifting you freedom from the pain you’ve been carrying.

To book please email me bella@wiccid.com.au or text 0422 958 100 and I’ll call you to arrange your appointment.

Appointments are with me in my Buderim studio.

Blessings, Bella xx


  • Please note that no refunds will be issued if cancelled within 48 hours of your booking time. Another time will be arranged for you.


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