Goddess Spa



A Transformational experience with Wiccid


Step onto the path to discovering your souls truth.

Gain clarity, wisdom, perspective, guidance, connection and healing.


I offer you this transformational spiritual journey that will nourish your Body, Mind and Soul with a combination of healing, soul connection, cleansing, pampering, meditation and spiritual guidance.

This is a one on one experience held outside in nature at my Buderim studio that will leave you feeling spiritually and emotionally cleansed, relaxed, rejuvenated, centred, more connected and clearer on what you need to do to continue nourishing yourself on a physical, mental and spiritual level after our time together.

Goddess Spa connects you to the Goddess that already lives inside you and guides you to becoming one.

Nourish Your Body     Nourish Your Mind     Nourish Your Soul

Bella x





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