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12 month membership Wiccid Academy of Witchcraft & Magick – Pay by the month.


Welcome to Wiccid Academy of Witchcraft & Magick. This is a sacred space where you are invited to walk with me on an enchanting magickal path….
I offer you several different ritual options that take you on individual journeys from learning the foundations of magick to rituals that take you deeper places where you will find your truth, connect with your wild, find what needs to be healed and empower yourself.
The Academy has been created to help you find your magick, enhance what you already know and/or help you step back into your power whether you are a beginner witchling. dabble here and there or have been following this path for many years.
Join as a full member to gain access to all 7 courses currently available within the Academy with access to all future courses included, or take each course individually – your journey is your own and you are invited to do with what feels true and perfect for you.
All ritual courses come with all content (including printable PDF) , recorded meditations, Facebook group access and full online support.
  • Here you can join with access to everything for $55 per month (12 month membership)
Ritual Courses included in the Academy:
Apprenticeship in Magick and Witchcraft: Apprenticeship in Witchcraft & Magic includes our Witchlings, Enchanter, Alchemist & Sorcery Courses

Your learning is broken up into 4 quarters. In the beginning, you will learn the basics of magick and over the course of 12 lessons we explore each element in more depth with your rituals gradually become more elaborate until you are proficient in magickal knowledge and spellcasting.

Becoming Lilith: A 30 day ritual guiding you to reclaiming your power and reigniting your magick. Magick     Ritual     Connection     Honouring     Wholistic Witchcraft

Cleanse: A 21 day transformational journey designed to guide you back to your personal power. Cleanse your body, cleanse your mind, cleanse your life

Insight Shadow Journey: A 2 week ritual journey: Gain insight, Reveal what needs to be healed, Uncover personal truths, Release and banish what no longer serves you, Regain control of your life and become empowered

Wild Woman: A 13 day ritual helping you reconnect with your wild, reawaken your creativity, connect with your sensuality, awaken your intuition, balance your light and dark and rediscover pleasure

Harmonious Home: A 7 day ritual journey bringing peace, love and harmony to your home and sacred spaces

I am Divine: A 7 day devotional journey: Ritual     Daily Devotional Tasks      Self Care     Wholistic Witchcraft


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