Your Journey to a Magickal Year


Your Journey to a Magickal Year

Set your intentions and co–create the year you desire with the Divine

A goal setting planner by Wiccid



Set your intentions and co–create the year you desire with the Divine

A goal setting planner by Wiccid


For many years I’ve been one to make new years resolutions that have evolved over time to become the setting of intentions.

They are the same thing of course but instead of just writing out words that sit on paper – I make a plan and then implement it, checking in on my intentions throughout the year to make sure I’m still on track to achieving my goals.

I’ve used other wonderful planners for years and they have been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. I’m so grateful to the teachers and mentors who shared their wisdom and work but I’ve been feeling for a few years that I need something more….

When I fill out my planners I make it a ritual. I take a week off, create a sacred space and immerse myself in the work of releasing the year that has gone to welcome in a new one. I do daily ritual, oracle readings, cleansing, journey work and a lot of journalling. I realised abut 12 months ago that I wanted a planner that was more in alignment with my own rituals and not able to find one that fit my needs – I decided to create one myself.

This planner is magickal!

In it you will find a section that reflects on the year that has been and closes out with a banishing ritual, then we launch into setting intentions for the year ahead – in every area of our lives:

Our Foundations – Career and money

Our Sacred Space – Hearth and home

Our Sacred Circle – Our family, friends and associates

Our World – How can we contribute to co-creating a world we desire to live in?

Our Body, Mind & Soul – Health, Healing, Self Love

Our Magick – Our spirituality

Our Dreams – What would we like to do or experience this year?

There is a ritual to complete the work and set our intentions in place, then we are given a few tips on how to make our desires happen.


I created this in black and white and it’s been formatted in a PDF for you for ease of printing

As this is my first publication and I’d like it to be affordable for everyone, I’m offering a one time special deal where you pay what you like starting at only $5.00 (you choose what you’d like to pay with no judgement).

Upon purchase you will be emailed your PDF so you can begin your preparations right away.

I looooove this so much and look forward to my yearly ritual being richer, more immersive and soul nourishing.

I hope you love it too,

Blessed Be, Bella xx


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