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So does healing really work?

This is a question that I know many people who have not experienced healing and in particular – belief work, really wonder about. Does it work? How could it work for me?

The thing is, whether we realise it or not, we all carry beliefs that we have often carried since childhood that shape who we are and how we behave. Common themes for my clients are lack of self-worth, not feeling accepted, feelings of abandonment, feelings of not being loved and believing we are not good enough. These feelings and beliefs are often deep and we often suppress them, but believe me when I tell you that they will show up over and over again. They have us ‘playing small’ and many times we are too afraid to do things and really live our lives because of them.

I wanted to share a story about my own healing journey because something that is very important to me for my clients to understand is that I have shared many of these beliefs myself and it has taken years of healing to work through them. So I really do understand and can empathise with you on so many levels.

I have experienced many things in my life that have had me living in fear of so many things and that have shaped me into the women I am today. I have been through losing a close loved one, I have had many battles with weight, with abuse, with abandonment, with a terrible and destructive relationship, with failure, with not feeling good enough, with rejection and with feelings of being alone.

The core belief that I held for so many years was lack of worthiness and the basis of this belief was being humiliated at a very young age. As a result, I lived in fear of humiliation and would say no to so many things in case I was humiliated. I couldn’t stand to be the centre of attention or ‘on show’ so I would never do anything as a childlike get up on stage, or play sport or dance publicly or do anything where I might fail and be humiliated. I kept myself very safe.

So humiliation is something I have worked on for a long time because it was keeping me ‘small’ and making me say no way too often to life experiences.

Today I had a moment where I understood that all my healing work has paid off (I have had many of these moments but today was really significant).

I was in a very busy shopping centre in the food court. I was juggling lots of bags and trying to text and do too many things at once without being ‘present’ and focusing on what I needed to do. All of a sudden I dropped the handle of one of my bags and a bottle dropped out and crashed on the ground smashing into at least 50 million pieces. It was SO loud and equally as loud was the collective sound of about 100 people going ‘oooooooooooooh’. I knew that a hundred eyes were right on me.

My first reaction was to loudly say ‘Oh fuck’. 2 people instantly stopped and offered to help (bless them). I kindly thanked them & said I would be fine. Then a girl from a nearby restaurant came over and said ‘don’t worry I will clean this up’ and I calmly offered to stay until the danger of the situation was over.

I stood there ‘on show’ while she grabbed a broom and waited with her until all was well.

In the past, I would have pretty much died on the spot. But today, I felt none of the butterflies, I did not go beetroot red. I did not run away and I did not give a single fuck for even a moment about what everyone thought of me.

I walked away from the experience thinking ‘well that was a bit shit’ and then I laughed all the way back to my car. The moment I realised that I did not feel humiliated or stupid or like I wasn’t good enough was enlightening – hoorah!

So, my magical friends, YES healing does work and the rewards are unending. I now have the courage to stand up and say ‘look at me’, I have the courage to step out of my comfort zone all the time and push myself to try new things and experiences and meet new people.

So can healing work for you? YES! Can I help you clear your ‘stuff’? YES! Will it take years for you as it did for me? NO! I didn’t have the tools I have now so had to go about it the long way!

If you are ready to step out and discover your own magic you can hit me up for a FREE 30-minute soul session where we will discover together if I am the magical mentor you have been searching for. Just send me an email with your details to and I will get in touch with you for a chat.

If you are not quite ready yet (and that’s ok), I hope this little story has at least helped you to understand that you are never alone – we are all on this magical journey of life together.

Much love and blessings, Bella <3

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