Wiccid Spiritual Readings Parties

Gather your friends for an evening of mystery and magic…

Wiccid offer several different types of card readings that can offer you clarity, direction and even peace that you are on the right path. I offer you intuitive tarot and beautiful Goddess oracle readings

For parties I offer ‘mini’ readings of approximately 20 minutes each (longer upon request) and each reading will require an investment of $25.00 per person.

Each type of reading serves a different purpose but I can tell you that each one is amazingly accurate.

 Your guests can choose from:

Intuitive Tarot readings

Take a deeper look at your current situation and gain clarity and understanding around what direction you need to take next on your life’s path. 

Oracle Readings

The Goddess Oracle celebrates the many faces of the Goddess and will answer your questions or offer insights and guidance for handling whatever challenges you are currently facing.

  • Choose the 3 card Yoni Spread for assistance in healing your feminine self
  • Choose the 4 card Place of Opposites Spread – For clarity 

    Give me a call for more info or to book your spiritual reading party on 0422 958 100 or email bella@wiccid.com.au

    So much fun and something very different for your next ‘Girls Night In’!

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