Thank you so much for joining the Wiccid Academy of Witchcraft and Magick!

How it all works:

To gain access to your course:

  1. Please log into the website:
  2. Find ‘My Courses’ at the top right hand side of the site and click on it
  3. See your course and click on it – this should bring up your first lesson and content.

Upon purchase of your course you will gain instant access to your first lesson. Upon submission of the quiz at the end of each lesson you will gain access to your next lesson.

Please note that if you are paying by the month you will recieve access to 1 lesson only per month or as many lessons are in alignment with how many payments you have made. For example: If you have made 3 payments, you will have access to 3 lessons. If you would like to update your preferences and pay out the rest of your course so you can access all lessons – you totally can at any time!

Please work your way through your lessons at your own pace however I do suggest daily magickal practice. I also strongly reccommend you complete all the practical tasks within your lessons as I can tell you that my own understanding of the craft expanded 10 fold when I actually physically experienced the magick. I have provided all the information for you but ultimately – you will only get out of this what you put in.

We have a private Facebook group that will be our online meeting place. Go here to join:

If you are not on Facebook you can correspond with me via the messenger service available within the course (click on ‘contact teacher’) or email me:

I am so excited to have you along on this magickal journey with me and look forward to witnessing your evolution during your studies. If you have any questions I am here for you, please contact me at any time.

Many Blessings to you, Bella x

Please Note: There are no refunds on fees paid even if you cancel your lessons. A credit for the difference will be offered to use on other services.

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