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5 ways to turn around a shit day.

 We all have them…Shit days.


And sometimes it’s really hard to move beyond starting a day off on the wrong foot and not letting whatever has upset or troubled us ruin the whole day.

Here’s a few tips that have worked for me on how to turnaround a shit day and be able to enjoy the rest of  day:

  1. Give yourself a mini pamper – The last time I was having a shit day I hauled myself out of bed and had a hot shower, shaved my legs, did my hair & put a little mascara on – instant pick me up.
  2. Do some exercise – seriously it releases the same happy endorphin’s as laughter so I challenge you not to feel better after a work out!
  3. Get outside – Nature is the best healer of all time. My fav spots are the forest and the beach (or near any water)
  4. Meditate or do a little positivity ritual – lighting a candle and taking a moment to be still and quiet my mind makes me feel clearer and more relaxed instantly
  5. Hang out with someone who makes you laugh – laughter is the best medicine so get together with your bestie and have a good ol belly chuckle

Bonus tip: Crank some music you love. I blasted some loud music today while I did some cleaning and I was singing and bopping along while I toiled away in no time!

Don’t hang around in your shitty mood, do whatever you have to to shake it off and turn your day around. Try even one of my tips and see if you don’t feel better or if your feeling really dark – try all of them!

Much love and happiness to you, Bella xox


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