Chakra Healing

There are 7 main chakras in our bodies and each one is an energy centre – a swirling vortex that draws spiritual energy into our being, into our own energy fields – our aura.

Each chakra is closely located to an endocrine centre in our body and is associated with the functioning of our hormone system. The spiritual energy they emit is able to be processed into usable energy for the body so physical wellness and healing is possible when your chakras are in alignment – just as is emotional and spiritual.

Harmony and balance in our chakras is vital as they are essential to our wellbeing and our wholeness, when one is not functioning correctly it can throw our whole energy off balance.


I offer 2 different Chakra Healings – Mini Chakra Healings and Chakra Balances.

Mini Chakra Healings

We have a mini soul session (chat) to ascertain which chakra we need to open/strengthen and then I take you through an exercise to heal and balance that chakra.


We also run through a few exercises you can then do at home to keep it balanced and functioning at the right vibration.


Duration of this healing will be approx 30 mins – $40

Chakra Balances

We have a mini soul session (chat) about what has been going on for you to ascertain which chakras may be pulling you out of balance.

Using energetic healing and specially blended essential oils, I take you through a healing for all 7 chakras bringing you into balance and energetic harmony.

I then run you through a few exercises you can do at home to maintain this balance.

Duration of this healing will be between 60 – 80 minutes – $75

I received a Chakra Balance from Belinda at a time when I was going through a lot of stress. During the Chakra balance I felt so at ease and more present then I had in weeks. After the session I was in a much more positive mindset and also my intuition started to function at a higher level. Thank you so much Belinda for helping me to release the blocks and set myself free.



Benefits of Chakra Healing:

  • Feel energized
  • Feel centred and balanced
  • Heal physical ailments
  • Heal emotional issues
  • Reveal patterns/beliefs/emotions you may be carrying from past lives that you can work towards healing
  • Understand yourself more physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Gain an understanding of why you have been feeling or behaving in a particular way
  • Feel safer & more secure in yourself and your world
  • Connect with your sexuality, your passion and your inner fire
  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Open yourself more fully to love
  • Open your ability to communicate more effectively
  • Connect with and open/deepen your spiritual sight
  • Connect with the Divine.

To make an appointment for this magical experience all you need to do is text me on 0422 958 100 or email:

Appointments are with me in my Buderim Studio.

I look forward to witnessing your healing and evolution, Bella x

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