Wholistic Witchraft

Magick for the mind, body & soul

Do you dream of reconnecting with your truth, your wild self, your intuition and your own magick? You are invited to join Belinda as she shows you the path that leads to all this and more.

Just like the witchling, the heroine of this piece, you will take an enchanted journey of magick, wholistic self-care and deep personal healing, leading you to self-discovery and empowerment.

The intention is set for you to open your awareness, connect to your intuition, connect to the Divine and, ultimately, connect to the Divine within you.

You will discover:

  • the foundations of magick and witchcraft
  • self-care rituals and self-healing techniques
  • journaling and internal questions that will empower you
  • rituals and spells to bring positive change into your life.

Learning to gently weave these practices through your daily life, you will flow beautifully along a path of self-discovery to a place of magickal wholistic living where you can reclaim your power and step into your truth.

This beautiful book offers a glimpse into the author’s life as a witch in modern society. We see how witchcraft can be drawn upon to heal, to create, to divine, and to guide us through difficulties many of us face such as dealing with difficult people, living in harmony and setting up sacred spaces wherever we are in the world.

As the author guides us through the building blocks of a heartfelt and respectful practice, she takes us on a practical journey of discovering and honing our individual craft. It is both a handy source book and an experiential journey inviting us to cultivate progressively deepening layers of personal magickal insights.

It is a timely reminder of what many have forgotten about working with the cycles, the seasons and the magick that exists all around us.


I have been a practicing witch for many years and am still learning lots. Bella’s book has great guidance, is an easy read and even easier to follow…with a few giggles too…for anyone who is starting on their magickal path.

To be honest I have been feeling a little disconnected from my path lately but after reading Bella’s book I am feeling more connected then ever and I have a fire burning inside me that has inspired me to fall deeper into my path

Bella is a great mentor and yes I’ve learnt some stuff! I will be highly recommending her book. Thank you so very much Bella.

Enjoy your path and learning, with love and gratitude, Blessed Be.


A few words from Alex Fullerton – the head of the Author Support Services team that helped me bring this book to life:

“Belinda Payne’s book Wholistic Witchcraft is so gorgeous, I can’t stop looking at it. Catherine Joy created the section break pages with hand drawn images from the story of the witchling who we follow throughout the book. The cover and internal design created by Sylvie Blair, our inhouse designer, captured Belinda’s vision for the book and brought it to life. The cover is a paperback but evokes the feel of a leather-bound tome. And inside, every page is scattered with swirls, cats, witches and esoteric images that help the reader immerse themselves into the full experience that is, as the subtitle says, magick for the mind, body and soul”

Take a look below:

Wholistic Witchcraft by Bella Payne is a beautifully written book. The flow of the subject matter helping guide the reader through a wealth of information without feeling overwhelming. Readers are taken on a journey of knowledge, self-analysis and self-discovery before stepping into their power. The activities and rituals found at the end of each chapter makes it easy to incorporate wholistic witchcraft into day to day life and use what the reader has just learnt in a practical way.

This book is suited to people of all abilities and backgrounds, and Bella’s eclectic style and years of practical knowledge shows in her writing. Beginners will find this book to be a great learning tool, with the tasks, information and ritual layouts being easy to understand and follow. The more advanced witches will benefit greatly from this book as the practical tasks help to overcome magickal blockages or burnout by slowly integrating magick into every aspect of the readers life. As well as being a great reference book when creating your own magickal workings.

‘Wholistic Witchcraft’ is truly for the mind, body and spirit


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