Wiccid Academy of Witchcraft & Magick

The Wiccid Academy offers several magickal ritual journeys with new courses coming soon. Take each journey individually or take them all!

Choose from:

  • Journey in witchcraft & magick: This is a 12 month ritual that guides you in learning the foundations of magick. On completion of this course you will have a good understanding of the cycles of Nature and the Wheel of the Year, Deities, energy, magickal associations and so much more. You will also know how to design your own rituals and make your own tools. To find out more, go here: Apprentice Journey in Witchcraft & Magick


  • 30 day Becoming Lilith Ritual: A journey guiding you to reclaiming your power and reigniting your magick.  Banish addictions, behaviours and negative patterns, Rewire your brain to help you attract more positive experiences, Heal emotionally, physically and mentally. To find out more, go here: Becoming Lilith

  • Cleanse – Cleanse your Body, Cleanse your Mind, Cleanse your Life: A transformational 21 day ritual journey designed to guide you back to the path of personal power. In Part 1 we begin a 21 day full body cleanse with the intention of transforming unhealthy habits into healthy ones. By Part 2 we will be feeling lighter and clearer so we turn our attention to our mindset and in Part 3 we shift our focus to our lifestyle. What do we need to review, eliminate, transform or add in to help us stay on this magickal new path. To find out more, go here: Cleanse Ritual

  • Insight Shadow Journey: A 2 week ritual journey designed to help you Gain insight on your path forward, Reveal what needs to be healed, Uncover personal truths, Release and banish what no longer serves you, Help you regain control of your life and empower you. To find out more, go here: Insight Shadow Journey


  • I am Divine – A 7 day devotional Ritual: Love yourself into Wholeness, Reconnect with your Divine Self, Honour your Body, Reconnect with your Truth, Walk your path with Power. To find out more, go here: I am Divine Ritual

Wiccid Academy rituals and courses can be taken online through our learning portal here within my website or you can print off your lessons for quick reference. Each course features straight forward and easy to understand written content, meditations, lot’s of support and various other bonuses like printable charts and group journeys. If you have any further questions please email me: bella@wiccid.com.au

I have been a participant in Bella’s Wiccid Academy for over a year and I highly recommend it! Bella loves what she does and this comes through in her warmth, her insight and the great circles and workshops she provides for all her members. It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I look forward to learning more this year!


I am Divine 7 day devotional

What a beautiful ritual this has been with profound insights and unquestionably clear guidance and connection. It’s helped me to re-establish a consistent morning ritual that really just takes minutes but is so beautiful it’s beyond words. Thank you x


I would recommend Becoming Lilith the 30 day ritual to anyone who needs support to really get into the hard stuff. This ritual made me accountable to myself about the choices I make in life that are always self sabotaging. I came out the other end owning my past and feeling refreshed with new knowledge and courage to leave what no longer serves me behind and to restart my life for 2020. Be brave and take the plunge, you will thank Bella at the other end. Blessed be 💜


I have had the pleasure of doing the Insight Journey Ritual. What a journey it was. So many insights and curiousities to give my attention to. Coming out the other side feeling lighter more content and way more in my power.

I would strongly recommend this for anyone who is prepared to work on themselves to release issues of concern it’s well worth the journey. Yes Bella is with you all the way and is more than happy to talk over anything and to help you. My advise is go for it but keep in mind you will be confronted – its worth it. Thanks Bella l loved it and how much it has helped me on my spiritual journey. xxxx


About Bella:

I have been a practicing Witch for over 25 years and include magick and ritual in my everyday life.

I operate my magickal therapies studio from my home, I run regular Goddess Circles, Practical Magic Workshops and Retreats + I love teaching magickal wisdom both in person and online.

Personally, I am married with 2 girls. I love nature and have an absolute passion for trees. I love creating, cooking, reading, heavy metal music, cemeteries, dark art, learning new things and adventures with my friends & family.

I am always studying, always evolving and I look forward to witnessing your evolution in this magickal journey,

Blessings, Bella x

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