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Wiccid Interiors

Bringing a touch of darkness to your decor…

Welcome to Wiccid Interiors – A new branch of Wiccid specialising in creating custom Magickal Sacred Spaces 

With a background in fashion design, a long standing passion for decorating interiors and a keen eye for the details, I bring a unique style to your home, business or special event.

I’ve long had a love for the darkness. To me it evokes feelings of richness, warmth and comfort sparking a deep desire for a sacred space that holds me in glamour, elegance, relaxation and connection.

My personal style is Victorian Gothic but I also specialise in dark boho, vintage, fantasy, dark glamour and magick. 

As a practicing Witch of over 30 years and a Business Woman of 13 years I have successfully created and run over 250 beautifully appointed events.

I bring you a wealth of knowledge and experience, using a large range of skills to create Sacred Spaces using a wholistic approach incorporating aesthetics, symbology, energy and the unique needs of every client

Please see below for services, galleries of my work, travel stipulations, some pricing and a magickal form requesting a quote.


  Home. ✨ Business ✨ Corporate events ✨ Birthdays ✨ Weddings/Engagement parties ✨ Baby Showers

 ✨ Retreats ✨ Festivals ✨ Markets

Services offered:

  • Room, House, Business Cleansing
  • Altars for special events: Birthdays, Weddings, Initiations, Blessing Ceremonies, Retreats, Dinner Parties, Picnics
  • Rooms/Sacred Spaces for special events (listed above)
  • Design advice for the home or business
  • Design advice and styling for the home or business
  • Custom Spells for a Harmonious Home and/or Business
  • Mojo bags, Spell jars, Magick Sprays, Incenses – All handcrafted with the intention of raising the vibration (energy) of your space 


Please note that only some pricing is available up front and the majority will require a quote. This is due to the fact that each event is unique and dependant on the type of event, number of guests, style chosen, distance and any other relevant details.

If you require a quote please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Travel Stipulations:

  • There is no charge for travel if within 20 kms of WICCID HQ which is located in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Travel within South East Qld beyond the above parameters will be priced according to distance
  • Travel to other areas of Qld outside of 200kms will have to be priced on application
  • Intestate or Overseas (Yes – have magick, will travel) will incur minimum charges of flights/fuel and accommodation. Price is on application.

The Wiccid Aesthetic -

Altars - Let me design something unique for you

Sacred Spaces - I can custom design a space according to your needs

Events - Do you have an event coming up? I can help you design something magickal

Contact Me for a chat or a quote

Terms & Conditions

  • A deposit will be required upon booking any of the services, the deposit amount will depend on the service booked. For basic services it will be minimum $50. This is a price on Applicatioin kinda deal
  • Products incur no deposit charge
  • If you cancel the service within 72 hours of the booking time – your deposit is forfeit as I’ve blocked out this time for you and will be unable to fill this space
  • No refunds on physical products can be issued – a replacement may be offered on faulty products – this is a case by case decision 
  • No guarantees are offered for removing entities or spirits with a house cleansing – some may have a right to stay! This is a case by case situation.
  • Design advice is as the title suggests – advice only. You will be consulted every step of the way but if you agree to the final design – No refunds will be given if you’re not happy with what I’ve designed for you.
  • A maximum of 3 design changes will be offered.
  • No guarantees are offered on designs, styling, spells or products. This is because your own energy can affect the outcome and I cannot control that. If you don’t believe in what we are doing – the chances it will work are greatly reduced.
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