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Witches & Wildling Weekend - Magickal Retreats with Wiccid

Wiccid Retreats take you on a magickal journey exploring the craft, ceremony, healing and most importantly – a deeper connection to yourself and your own magick.

Myself and my team have now run 13 retreats over the last 5 years. We have a very strong foundational program but each retreat is different with a unique theme according to what is most needed at that time. How I know what is most needed is based on an accumulation of several factors.

Months before we are due to gather together I start receiving intuitive nudges and signs as to what we might be doing….

Then sometimes the retreat theme drops in with a thud – the shock and truth of it has at times moved me to tears. At other times it’s a slow unfurling and many elements start presenting themselves, beginning to weave together a story based on personal spiritual work I’m doing at the time or with my clients, what’s happening around the world or within our communities, and guidance from Goddess.

Once the theme is clear to me I sit with Goddess and journey deeply, asking Her what we need and she communicates with me through vision, feeling, words and clear signs. It’s at this point I see the journey of the retreat itself – the workshops, meditations, rituals, healings, crafting. I see how it all flows together, its a truly magickal process.

I share this process with you to demonstrate that these retreats are utterly unique – because aside from when I invite in a guest facilitator – every element of these retreats are created by me & the Divine – a magickal co-creation. 

To this creation I bring 30 years of practice in the craft with almost as long learning a range of wholistic therapies. I bring a wealth of professional experience having worked in many fields and have operated my own business since 2011.

I’m a published author, I’ve facilitated hundreds of circles and workshops, I work with clients one on one as a mentor, reader, healer and therapist, I’ve developed and teach my own modality ‘Mareykii Magick’,

I am High Priestess of my Coven ‘Goddesses of the Dark Moon’ and teach witchraft in person and online through my Academy of Witchcraft (hover over the magick tab for more info on that).

I weave my professional experience, learned magickal wisdom and life experience into everything I do – this is Wholistic Witchcraft.

Blessings, Bella x

Image of me (Bella) taken at the Autumn Equinox Retreat 2024 by Holly Webb Creative

Each Witches & Wildlings Weekend is held on the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia in a spectaular retreat space.

Inclusions are as follows:

Gorgeous Accomodation with queen or king single beds available
All food and beverages – wholesome healthy options to suit everyone
Ritual & Spellwork
Fireside fun
Gift packs for every participant

If you would like more information on Upcoming Retreats...

Our next one is at the Spring Equinox September 2024, please go here for info and tickets:

Have magick, will travel...

If you would like to chat to me about facilitating at your event or holding a retreat in your part of the world, please email me:

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