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All Circles are now on hold until February 2022. Please check individual circle pages or ‘latest news & events’ for new dates over the coming weeks.

Have you been searching for your tribe? 

Connect with me and other like minded girls/women in my safe, comfortable, private and nurturing Sacred Space.

I run regular magickal circles and workshops for girls and women including my Magical Mums, Magical Maidens, Goddess Circles and Practical Magick Workshops. We also hold special events throughout the year, look for updates on the latest news page or under the relevant tabs:

  • Wiccid Women Goddess Circles: We gather at the Sabbats and pay homage to Goddess & God. We also perform simple ritual and share our wisdom within the sacred space we have created together. Every circle is different, unique and incredibly magickal
  • Magical Mums: We gather once a month in a supportive, welcoming and nurturing environment to awaken the magick within us. We discuss and learn about topics like chakras, symbols, herbs, crystals, divination, intuition and more. We hold space for each other in a talking circle, we take part in practical activities and we share tea and supper. If you are a Mumma, these circles are about YOU and the positive ripple effects of fostering a deeper connection to yourself are immeasurable.
  • Magical Maidens: We gather once every month in these magickal circles that are designed to help our young maidens connect with their own magick allowing them to evolve into aware, confident and wise young ladies. We discuss and learn about topics like chakras, faeries and magical creatures, symbols, herbs, crystals, divination, intuition, mindfulness and more. The girls enjoy a talking circle, practical activities like art, meditation, story telling, journalling and healthy yummy snacks.
  • Practical Magick Workshops: This is a series of workshops designed to help you put your magick into practice!  Please check the ‘latest news & events’ page for more information on upcoming events and tickets.

Please click on the relevant tabs under the Magick heading or ‘latest news and events’ for more information on dates and times.


I’ve always been a solitary witch and didn’t plan on changing that. Then I met Bella at a business networking event and she invited me to a Goddess Circle Event. I was dead nervous about attending, I’m Autistic so “group” stuff tends to stress me out.

However I had the most awesome night and met some amazing ladies. There was lots of laughter, sharing of information and genuinely nice ladies from all walks of life. There was no clickyness or “I’m better than you” attitude, that I’ve seen in other circles.

Since my first Circle I’ve attended several others and I’ve always felt relaxed & welcome by all.

If you’ve been considering coming to a Circle, do it we’re a fun bunch of gals.


Circle Sister

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