Circles of Magick

Circles of Magick

Circles of Magick.

Our next circle will be Tuesday March 26th 2019  7pm – 9pm.

These circles are for both men and women and are about getting together to learn about different types of magic and witchcraft, sharing our combined knowledge and practising ritual. For our next circle we welcome our guest speaker, Barbara Trainor, who will be sharing her wisdom of Don Juan, Shaman and Sorcerer.

These circles will be held once a month on a Thursday night in Buderim.

Some of the Topics to be covered:
– Types of Witchcraft: Norse, Eclectic, Celtic, Faerie, Shamanic (just a few examples)
– Magical Tools and Consecration
– Moon Magick
– Elemental Magick
– Circle casting: Basic and elaborate

We will also be adding circles along the way according to what attendees wish to learn about/share ♥

These circles are open to youths from age 15 who will be expected to participate. Children under 15 are asked not to attend due to mature content and as there is no supervision available.

You will need to pre-purchase your tickets for this event so I have definitive numbers – To get your ticket go here.

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