Wiccid Witchlings & Warlocks School of Magick

A magickal program designed to help our young ones discover their own inner magick.

Please note that our next circle will not be until February 2022, watch this space as dates will  be posted over the coming weeks.


February 8th 2021

Formerly Magical Maidens, our circles are evolving due to feedback from the girls about what they really want – more magick. I welcome this change whole-heartedly as it allows us to be more inclusive.
So Magical Maidens is changing to…..

Wiccid Witchlings & Warlocks School of Magick

What it means and how these circles are changing:

✨ The circle content will essentially stay the same but now solely with a focus on magick and spiritual development

✨ Boys are now invited to join us

✨Due to the content we will cover the age will now be raised to 10+ (Please note that if your Maiden is under 10 and is already attending they can still come because they understand the content)

✨ Separate girls only events will now be offered as workshops during the school holidays

Our first circle or lesson of 2021 is crystal magick –
We will cleanse our crystals in the ocean, learn how to do a chakra balance with them and then make crystal grids under the trees in the shade.

To be held at La Balsa Park Point Cartwright.

Please purchase your ticket from the ticket link button or if you have any questions please email me: bella@wiccid.com.au

Providing as many teaching moments during circle as possible is still important to me so many of the ideals remain the same.

What you can expect your witchling or warlock to gain from these circles:

– An innate understanding of themselves and their uniqueness

– Confidence, strong self worth and self esteem, responsibility

– An understanding of how to work with Natures cycles and energy + caring for our environment

– Clarity, understanding, awareness, consciousness, mindfulness

– Self healing

– How to protect ones own energy

– An understanding of magickal practices such as divination

– Learning how to trust ones own intuition

– Calm & Peace + techniques on how to deal with anxiety

Term 1 2021: Circle 1 - Crystal Magick

We begin this year by learning about crystals and how to cleanse them + do a chakra healing

Activity: Create crystal grids

Term 1 2021: Circle 2 -

A fun lesson learning about Divination – always a favourite subject for the girls!

Activity: Divination readings for each other using various divination tools.


Circle 3 -

This is an interactive adventure at a local park where we will connect with the elements and honour them.

Circle 4 -
Circle 5:

All healthy snacks and materials are provided. The students are also sometimes given a task to take home so the learning and growing continues away from circle.


Each circle is $20 and you may opt to pay per lesson or all at once in a lump sum. You will not incur any additional expenses during the program unless you choose to (additional trinkets for the creative projects for example).

  • Discounts offered for enrolled siblings (even if they are in different age groups). Each lesson comes down to $15 each.
  • If you are taking part in my Mums Circles, your child’s fees are reduced to $15 per lesson.


Circles are held in Buderim or at various locations throughout the Sunshine Coast


We remember the days of old when women of the village would help each other to look after the people. Living in tune with the cycles of Nature, planting and nurturing seeds for food, harvesting, preparing food, collecting water, washing clothes, looking after all children and caring for each other.

This was a community that supported and nurtured each other and passed on their wisdom to their children and in turn down through the generations.

Today some of this wisdom is sadly being lost and forgotten but we aim to bring back and share this knowledge – That women need to support each other and we are all part of a community. We have the power to do and be anything we want to be but most importantly, we can affect positive change in our communities and our world and it all starts with Love and Respect for ourselves, Love and Respect for each other and Love and Respect for our environment.

About Bella:

I own and operate a Wholistic Magick studio from my home in Buderim offering clients healing therapies, tarot readings, magickal mentoring & wholistic beauty therapies. Here I also stock my Wholistic Witchcraft book and a range of handcrafted products all designed to complement and enhance your journey. I run regular Circles and twice yearly Retreats for women and teach kids about spirituality through my Wiccid Witclings & Warlocks School of Magick.

I also run an online Magick Academy for adults which includes my signature course the 12 month apprenticeship in witchcraft & magick + a range of other ritual courses all designed to empower you.


I’m a Mumma to 2 beautiful girls who first inspired me to create workshops for young women over 5 years ago. I then began my magickal maidens circle which I’ve run for over 3 years and have now transformed into this new evolution.

I’m a certified Girls Mentor and Group Facilitator + a current Blue Card Holder. I’ve been working with children and young girls for 8 years now and look forward to continuing this important work for many years to come, Bella x

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