Wiccid Witchlings & Warlocks School of Magick


A magickal program designed to help our young ones discover their own inner magick.

The Witchlings & Warlocks School of Magick is where your children can come to learn the old ways. They will learn skills such as herbcraft, healing, energy work, kitchen witchery, divination, spellcraft & more.

It’s the subtle teachings woven throughout these lessons that are the most important though as its in these weavings the students learn life lessons that empower them as they evolve into adulthood.

Self acceptace and being unapologetically who they are, how to care for our Mother Earth, how too trust their intuition, how to be self sufficient and how to care for each other and be a valuable contribution to our community.

Witchlings & Warlocks School of Magick has evolved…
Rather then circle every month we will now be gathering quarterly during the school holidays for half day workshops. This is to allow for a more immersive experience for our students.
For our first holiday workshop we will be crafting our very own Book of Shadows
– we will be taking a book and decorating it with magickal items to imbue it with our personal energy.
We will then bless our BOS and add our first items of writing in them so students know how to use them and add to them at home.
What we will be creating will be AMAZING works of art so this workshop is not to be missed.
Included in this workshop is cleansing, setting of intentions, a short meditation, conscious creating, mindfulness and magick.
All materials are supplied and snacks will be provided.
All welcome boys and girls, 10yrs +

Please purchase your ticket from the ticket link button or if you have any questions please email me: bella@wiccid.com.au

What you can expect your witchling or warlock to gain from these workshops:

– An innate understanding of themselves and their uniqueness

– Confidence, strong self worth and self esteem, responsibility

– An understanding of how to work with Natures cycles and energy + caring for our environment

– Clarity, understanding, awareness, consciousness, mindfulness

– Self healing

– How to protect ones own energy

– An understanding of magickal practices such as divination

– Learning how to trust ones own intuition

– Calm & Peace + techniques on how to deal with anxiety


Each workshop is $95 and includes lunch and all materials. 

Circles are held in Buderim or at various locations throughout the Sunshine Coast


We remember the days of old when women of the village would help each other to look after the people. Living in tune with the cycles of Nature, planting and nurturing seeds for food, harvesting, preparing food, collecting water, washing clothes, looking after all children and caring for each other.

This was a community that supported and nurtured each other and passed on their wisdom to their children and in turn down through the generations.

Today some of this wisdom is sadly being lost and forgotten but we aim to bring back and share this knowledge – That women need to support each other and we are all part of a community. We have the power to do and be anything we want to be but most importantly, we can affect positive change in our communities and our world and it all starts with Love and Respect for ourselves, Love and Respect for each other and Love and Respect for our environment.

About Bella:

I’ve been a practicing witch for over 27 years and weave magick throughout my every day life…

I own and operate a Wholistic Magick & Wellbeing studio from my home in Buderim offering Tarot readings, Magickal and Spiritual mentoring, Intuitive Massage, Healing – energy & belief work, Beauty treatments and regular Circles for women. I also run twice yearly retreats, regular workshops and an online school of witchcraft & magick (Check out the page Wiccid Academy of Witchcraft & Magick

I’m a published author releasing my first book ‘Wholistic Witchcraft – Magick for the mind, body & soul’ in 2020 and am currently working on my second one – A book of spells. I also handcraft a range of magickal products all designed to enhance and help you on your magickal journey – Check out my shop.

Everything I do and everything I share with the world is based on my own experiences with my overall message being ‘Your path is your own but you don’t have to do it alone’.

I’m here for you,

Blessed Be, Bella x

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