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5 Reasons why Meditation is awesome for you & your children

5 reasons Meditation is Awesome for you & your child


I’m pretty sure most people already know that meditation is a useful tool to calm the mind, create peace in your life and connect with your spirituality. But I would love to look at some of the other benefits and in particular, how they can help our kids.

I have personally seen the positive effects meditation has on a child (see quick personal story below) and when you do a meditation together – not only do you both reap the benefits, you also build a special kind of bond that can have a positive impact on your relationship.

5 Reasons Meditation is Awesome for you & your child:

  1. Provides a sense of calm, peace & balance
  2. Can help to control thoughts (focus)
  3. Reduces feelings of anger, depression, anxiety and confusion
  4. Reduces stress
  5. Increases energy

Can you even begin to imagine how learning the above techniques could positively impact your child’s school life & home life?

Even just 5 minutes a day can be of huge benefit for you both and you don’t need to worry about fancy techniques – it can be as simple as sitting quietly, breathing and focusing the mind for 5 minutes. If you are not experienced with meditation then I would also recommend a guided one (someone talking you through it). Guided meditations are easily obtainable on CD or as a download.

I hope this is helpful to you and you find some positive benefits for yourself and your family,

Bella xox

Quick personal story:

When my daughter was 11 she was having difficulties at school fitting in with some of the other kids and after a big D & M one day (deep & meaningful convo), I realized that a lot of it was her attitude. She had been bullied previously and as a result had put up a protective wall around herself to avoid further pain & hurt, so she was naturally deflecting anyone that wanted to get closer to her.

Once I realized the problem I knew the best way to help was to teach her to calm her mind, breathe through stress and get her to feel better about herself so she had more confidence. We started a daily practice of meditation, gratitude & positive affirmations. The change in her was almost immediate & within 2 weeks her schoolwork improved, her disposition was more sunny, she had a new circle of friends and even boys asking her out (did not love that bit!).


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