Becoming Lilith: A 30 Day Ritual by Wiccid


Becoming Lilith

A 30 day ritual guiding you to reclaiming your power and reigniting your magick

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Becoming Lilith

A 30 day ritual guiding you to reclaiming your power and reigniting your magick

Intentions: • Banish addictions, behaviours and negative patterns • Rewire your brain to help you attract more positive experiences • Heal emotionally, physically and mentally • Regain your strength • Step into your power • Recommit to your magick Inclusions:

  • Option to take the journey solo or as part of a group
  • All digital and printable material
  • Instructions
  • Support
  • Facebook Group
  • Daily ritual and a dedication ceremony each week
  • Additional tasks throughout the week
  • Meditations
  • Live Q&A’s (If part of the group journey)
  • Accountability and check ins if you are taking the group journey
  • Optional support potion and mentoring to purchase


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I found this course to be game changing. Easy to follow daily challenges and rituals that just helped me align self and soul and really dig into personal issues to move forward with positive growth. So much support and love was given throughout xx

Laura Schuls

I would recommend Becoming Lilith the 30 day ritual to anyone who needs support to really get into the hard stuff. This ritual made me accountable to myself about the choices I make in life that are always self sabotaging. I came out the other end owning my past and feeling refreshed with new knowledge and courage to leave what no longer serves me behind and to restart my life for 2020. Be brave and take the plunge, you will thank Bella at the other end. Blessed be 💜

Melissa Welsh

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